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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Iwata: "The Wii U isn't in good shape"

"I’m concentrating my mind on how to rebuild Nintendo rather than how I would take responsibility when things don’t work out in the future.

The Wii U isn’t in good shape. That’s the presumption we have as we consider reform."


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I like Iwata, and I'm hoping good things come out of this.

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It sounds to me like they are not just thinking merely about boosting the Wii U but a large structural change in their thinking is happening (for better or worse). Internally it sounds like they're accepting the Wii U is basically a dud they're stuck with.

"Rebuild Nintendo" indicates an entirely different direction they are looking at. 

AZWification said:

Words don't mean a damn thing. Actions do.


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Well at least he has acnowledged that the Wii U is flopping hard. That's a start!

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They have the games to make the Wii U take off. The question is: will they port them over? or will they create another Super Gameboy accessory?

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Wow.  I'm actually impressed by this statement.

I didn't think much of the pay cut because, although the right thing to do, I just saw it as another bastion of his stubborn-ness to stay at the helm and fill the board with his lackeys friends business associates to avoid ousting.

But admitting what bad shape WiiU is in - that is a step in the right direction.  If you are going to stay at the helm, make sure it's not another generation of console launches with "please understand"; "we are taking a pay cut" and "we have learnt from the Wii 3DS WiiU game drought and it won't happen again!" excuses.  Actually change something.  Be careful about what you change, but do something.

Sounds to me as if they are planning to ditch the wii u... in which case... I rather not spell the catastrophe that will be, but it may be their only option.
They can say goodbye to their credibility and probably their role as a hw maker. It may be the best time to sell my Wii U now

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I really hope it`s a deep rebuilt.

Yet, i can`t shake the fear of what`s coming tomorrow. If they can`t put games on mobile users hands, what can they do? Offer their own mobile device and starting their low cost development?

I still think a 3rd pillar system that included a screen, worked as a gamepad for Wii U (adding a peripheral) would be a great way to not only increase their business, but also boost their existing one.
Of course, you couldn`t just have another Nintendo portable.