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I believe my first phone was a Siemens C35 back in 2000. I was 22 when I bought it :).

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Well I used a landline for 15 years, surely that counts for something.

Nokia 3210

Sony Ericsson P900. It was alright.

Adinnieken said:
Logico15 said:

What was your first phone? and did you like your phone?

A Fisher-Price Chatter Phone.

For being a rotary phone, it was the most portable phone you could ever own and had an incredibly long battery life.  It seemed like the batteries never ran out on that thing.

Sure, it was bigger. and doesn't have the features of today's phones, but eh it was my first phone.

I remember that toy, had one myself.

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A Nokia 5510

What a great phone, and it had 32 mb for Mp3 I think, WOW it was a blast to have that one as my first phone ever :D

that was when I was like 14 or 15 hahaha, awesome

Kyocera 2255

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Logico15 said:
I never heard half of the phones you guys listed. Them fisher price chatter phones most have gotten you guys laid though :P


This old Sony phone (CMD J70) before they merged with Ericsson:

It wasn't bad for the time.. had WAP and everything

Second was a Sony Ericsson T610, then a Nokia 6680, a Sony Ericsson K800i an LG Viewty, an Xperia Play and currently a Samsung Galaxy S4. The only one I regret getting is the LG Viewty where the battery simply died after a few charges and the same happened to a replacement battery. Had to go back to the K800i instead.

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