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Forums - Gaming Discussion - what is your game of the year 2013?


which is the best?

gta v 36 14.40%
the last of us 108 43.20%
tomb raider(2013) 6 2.40%
bioshock infinite 9 3.60%
ac4 black flag 4 1.60%
fire emblem awakening 33 13.20%
tearaway 5 2.00%
dmc devil may cry 1 0.40%
others(next gen) 31 12.40%
others(current gen) 17 6.80%

I don't know, didn't get very hyped for any games this year. I usually never get overhyped in the years before next gen consoles takes off, because I wait for the second year of a console when games that actually show that "this wasn't possible last gen". Or at least makes you feel like it.

But overall I found A Link Between Worlds to be the most fun game I played this year, so I voted (others next gen).

I really wanted Wii U's 3D Mario to be as cool as Galaxy when it was first revealed, that would make it GOTY for me, but in the controls department the game has been truly "casualised", like it has been accomodated to d-pad and the joystick is unneccesary. Sort of.


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from the list the only game that I played is gta v and I only play like 6 hours and stop playing is a really good game but so far from the games that I played from this year rayman legends ,pikmin 3 , gta v, between those in my opinion rayman legends specially the levels with music is awesome.

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The game of the year would have to be The Wonderful 101 for me. The games was amazing and extremely addicting. I might have to change it after Christmas when I have Assassin Creed 4 and Mario 3d World, but they are going to have to be a amazing games to beat Wonderful 101.


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I obviously need to play last of us, if only I never needed to sleep, argh!

persona 4 golden didn't like Last of Us the enemies is very dump & can be tricked easily thats what I dont like about the game.

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Even though I haven't played all games that I want from 2013, I don't think anything can top The Last of Us for me, for a long time, nothing on the horizon that looks like it may top it. Maybe the new Uncharted...but I don't see it honestly.
I wish something would top it though, that would make me a happy gamer no doubt.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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I played only a handful of new games this year - of the list only The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. Both are good games but I give the nod to TLOU.

Fire Emblem: Awakening. It was my first game in the series, and it was just so damn good. I had never played a SRPG, but I got really into Awakening. Awesome game.

Last of Us was good, but honestly it didn't leave me satisfied. The ending was cool, but I just wasn't...thrilled with it. Really, really good game, but something about it just didn't click with me.

I'm playing through GTAV and SM3DW at the moment. So far it's gotta be TLOU. Fantastic game.

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