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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 20 prominent indie developers that favored Xbox 360 now develop, favor or are exclusive to PS4 (list included)

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OT: I am a big fan of Double Fine and Team Meat and the former I do believe might become a first party for XBox in the future.

The thing is, indie developers cannot afford to not be on X1, since they now how succesful MS has been in promoting their games on XBLA. Having now tried PS store on PSVita, it is clear that XBL is superior in showing of their games.

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tgnevermore said:
Sony learned from MS how to moneyhat

There's a difference between money hatting and helping make a game reality but sure...

Holy shit! Trials is on board the PS train? Maybe we'll find out that Trials HD & Evolution were only timed exclusives, and they'll get re-released on PS4. God that would be awesome.

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JoeTheBro said:
tgnevermore said:
Sony learned from MS how to moneyhat

There's a difference between money hatting and helping make a game reality but sure...


Money-hatting - paying developers to make your game better on their system for no reason other than money.  IE:  Activision being paid to put Call of Duty maps on 360 first.  

Funding - Offering money to get games and features out there that woudn't make it otherwise.  IE:  Nintendo funding the development of Bayonetta 2, or Sony giving tonnes of support to Media Molecule to make LittleBigPlanet. 

Two very, VERY different situations. 

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Puppyroach said:

Despite your list having some flaws (the Double Fine and Minecraft examples come to mind) I have a few questions for you:

In you sig you say you are "just a fan of great games". So what is the point of your thread? To teel XBox fans that they will not get great games and that it´s a good thing? Or to say that MS screwed up so we miss these potentially great games and that is a good thing? Or do you think it is bad that XBox fans miss out on these games and that you would like us to get these in the future on out favourite platform?

I simply do not understand your thread, unless you do it just to be spiteful? As a "fan of great games" that wouldn´t really be the way do go, do you think?

If the main focus of the thread would have been that you are glad to get exclusive games for PS4, that´s a whole other matter. But now it just seems you wan´t to be petty. Am I wrong?

No, just happy that all these will come to PlayStation 4 as I'm a big fan of indies. As said earlier I bought an Xbox 360 to play Limbo and Trials, but now it seems that the most interesting indies imo are guaranteed for PS4 often earlier or exclusive. How can't that be a good thing for a fan of great (indie) games with a PS4?

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zhao3gold said:
I feel kind of funny that when we compared console exclusive games between Xbox360 and PS3, it was quite often claimed by Sony fans that those exclusive XBLA games from these listing indie developers couldn't be count and therefore they concluded that X360 doesn't have any game to play.

Now, when these developer starts to launch games on PS4, suddenly, in eyes of Sony fan's they become way more important than before and these indie titles will ruin X1 to the death.

on the same token, you would see those very same gamer's on the other side claim Playstation Home indie games do not count as exclusives also. So if were to ignore one than why not the other, right?


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Max King of the Wild said:
PigPen said:
Microsoft is spending capital a billion dollars on exclusives and Sony is chasing indies. I can't decide what's the better deal.

The better deal? The developers who are swindling MS out of their money. Unless MS gets 40 5mil+ sellers (which they wont) they got jipped big time. However, most people were able to realize the 1 billion figure for what it was. PR talk. half of it went to get some fantasy football stats.

If it's exclusive to the Xbox, you can't call it a swindle.

Blood_Tears said:
MonstaMack said:
The Witness is coming to the XB1. Most of those titles will be timed exclusives.

Exactly, that's the name of the game. The same will happen with a few of Xbones "exclusives".

Not the ones im buying at launch

Dead Rising 3 is being funded by MS development. Then again it is Capcom... maybe Dead Rising 3 Off The record, I wouldn't doubt that. But it will be good year, so yeah we will both waiting on that one.

Forza 5 is MS Studios. Killer Instinct is MS studios. Crimson Dragon is MS studios. Ryse is MS studios all being under MS development.

I rather wait a year on indie titles then AAA titles but that's just me.

I'll win anyways because I own a Wii U, PC and XB1 (when It's out) and I'm getting a PS4 in 2015. Fatality.

It's just that simple.

Mike_L said:

Hmm.. Why can't we speak of favoritism just because the developer has received money?

Because it's not favoritism? It's not a hard concept to grasp. What you're trying to portray in your OP and the reality of almost all of these indie developers are simply not the same thing.

Mike_L said:

Yeah, but Rime among other has been announced as a PS4 exclusive since MS changed their policy and it looks so great.

Rime is published by Sony, so of course MS allowing self publishing is irrelevant. It's a game Sony is offering financial incentive for Tequila Works making a PS4 exclusive. Much like MS did this gen and will do again next gen. And of course there are others still PS4 console exclusive. These are indie developers. Just because MS announces something doesn't mean they can just suddenly announce an Xbox One port. Plus Sony revealed their indie titles as debuting first on consoles on PS4. So there is moneyhatting involved. That's about as deep as the "favoring" goes.

I'm sure most of those games will end up coming to PC and X1 anyway. Indies aren't going to limit themselves to one platform when Wii U, X1, PC are all great platforms to make games for.