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Forums - Sony Discussion - NEWS Sony Promising The News We've "Been Waiting For" Tomorrow

areason said:
Medievil 2, here it comes.

There already is a Medievil 2.

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when they say "news you've been waiting for,.." surely they mean the japonese...

when they say "beyond you're expectation.." they probably mean 2013 and not waiting for 2014..


just my take.

Most likely that VR headset. I'd imagine they'd save game reveals for TGS.

What time is this in America land?

clarification: East coast America land

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Wonderbook 2 :P

last guardian confirmed? :D

Move 2.0

badgenome said:

damn it i was going to post that =(

badgenome said:

You beat me to it, you fantastic son of a bitch.

The only, real surprise that any company could possibly bring. Exclusively to Sony mobile platforms.