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Forums - Sony Discussion - NEWS Sony Promising The News We've "Been Waiting For" Tomorrow

Legend of Dragoon 2
Dark Cloud 3
MediEvil 2
Demon's Souls 2

Time to get hyped!

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Fusioncode said:
Legend of Dragoon 2
Dark Cloud 3
MediEvil 2
Demon's Souls 2

Time to get hyped!

If its Legend of Dragoon 2 and Dark Cloud 3...I will......wet myself.

I'm thinking that Sony could very well announce a couple games. Up to this point, the retail exclusive games that have been revealed have almost entirely been aimed at the Western audience. If I were Sony, I'd want the console to release with at least one or two titles that target a Japanese audience. Especially when you consider that even Western fans of Sony are rather receptive to Eastern games. I also have my doubts that the PS4 will launch this year in Japan. I'm thinking it could very well be somewhere between January and March 2014.

A Tales of exclusive on the PS4, like the 360 had, would make me buy a PS4 as soon as I can.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
J_Allard said:
They are finally announcing this Driveclub stuff is just a joke and Evolution is actually working on Motorstorm for launch. Awesome.

always nice to see these comments from you about  everything sony related.

You seem upset. Today is football day. No one should be upset on football day.

Sorry I love Motorstorm.

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Beyond my expectations? PS4 releasing in Japan tomorrow?

There's no way it's TLG. That would be too good of Sony. But if it were up to me, I would have been entirely silent about the reveal until the event in order to surprise everyone.

Obviously the Japanese launch date or The last guardian for Ps3/Ps4.

Final Fanatsy XV hollyday 2013 =3

And Japan release date for PS4

bananaking21 said:

Sony are set to reveal something big tomorrow morning at their pre-TGS conference,something that they’re describing as “the news you’ve been waiting for” along with the above image that they shared through their Chinese social media service.

They go on to say that this new information will be “beyond your expectation” and promise a good dose of “surprise”. More than just a Japanese PS4 release date, then. The full statement reads:

“Finally, it’s coming to #TGS2013. Like before, SCEJA will have a press conference before the game show. I could only say: The news you’ve been waiting for, and the information beyond your expectation will both be revealed officially. So tomorrow, please do watch the live-stream and keep follow @PlayStation !Promise to bring surprise to you!”

Oddly, the post has now been deleted, which is strange as it doesn’t give too much away. At least GAF member Gskyace was able to find it and translate it first.

You can watch the show live at 7am UK time here, so get to bed early tonight and head into work a bit later if you really want. If not, we’ll have all the news as it happens for you to digest on your way to work.

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