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Forums - Sony Discussion - NEWS Sony Promising The News We've "Been Waiting For" Tomorrow

realgamer said:

More indie games now from jap devs 

no need to quote the fucking OP just to try to stealth bash sony and their huge support for indie devs

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Final Fantasy x-3

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

If its Legend of Dragoon 2 and Dark Cloud 3...I will......wet myself.

prepare to be dissapointed, first party sony studios dont like rpg genre :(


they dont make one in ages :(

It's not that they don't want to make RPG's its because westerners primarily react to shooters. Gun violence is very strong in western culture. They were going to make Naughtydog make a fantasy game like Lord of the Rings style, but quickly changed the direction into a TPS because the market was showing signs of liking FPS and TPS. This is how Uncharted was born.

If Sony brings those two JRPG's back or something big in a JRPG manner, its Sony all day in Japan.

A lot of people bought PS3's predominantly for JRPG's and never got them. Sakaguchi + PS4= Godliness. 

Full backwards compatibility on PS4?

ToraReaper said:
Full backwards compatibility on PS4?

keep on dreaming

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Maybe even a PEPSI MAN PS4 Bundle???

jabberjawky72 said:


Shinobi-san said:
kitler53 said:

when they say "news you've been waiting for,.." surely they mean the japonese...

when they say "beyond you're expectation.." they probably mean 2013 and not waiting for 2014..


just my take.

Yeah i agree 100%.

People expecting a new AAA exclusive game announcement are delusional...

absoulutely.  game announcements will be at TGS which is what?,. ten days later?  best we can really hope for is a "please be excited" type announcement of an announcement...

BasilZero said:
The Last Guardian - Last announcement..........

for cancellation.......

dont hurt me ;x

Expect a visit from men in black suits, white ties and viola cases

crissindahouse said:
a hidden gpu.

2 hidden gpu's and 16GB Gddr5 ram