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Forums - Politics Discussion - Shouldn't we give reparations to Native Americans?

This would actually go well with my Genocide thread.


Not only did we steal their land, rape their women, murder   ( Millions?) of them, and still have them struggle, but we have not given them hardly any reparations.


America is supposedly so much more enlightened these days, why have we not done this? Or do you think we do enough...?

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On the one hand, you should, on the other, you solved problem with aborigines rather ingeniously -- no men, no problem -- i.e. you shouldn't. Sometimes I want the aborigine problem woule have been solved over here the same way... though wait, it means I'd have never been born.

One life for anothers is never acceptable..^

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If you havent noticed our country economically is still in the toilet. We cant afford to pay our bills, and we certainly cannot afford this. Nice idea.... but if this did happen then There would have to be African American reparations and we would be broke all the way to the birth of a second China in the western hemishere

you gave them casinos.

give them some reservations and let them build from there.



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Yep, it wasn't the Native Americnas first run in with Europeans, they also had to deal with the Vikings trying to convert them to Christianity before Colombus.

Europeans pushed Native Americans onto reservations (because they took 95% of their land). So I ask you...what reparations? You mean the money used to build large scale casinos? Well in truth they deserve every bit of that and more for all that was taken from them.

African Americans were promised forty acres and a mule and that was taken from them by the democrats took that from them after Abraham Lincoln gave it to them (kind of funny how that works because today a republican would never do that lulz).

You make the strangest threads for a website about gaming

If Native Americans deserve reparations for something done 150 years ago, then I deserve reparations for all the generations my ancestors lived in serfdom for generations on end.

It doesn't work that way. Neither guilt nor claim to restitution are inheritable.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that the Native Americans didn't have a great claim to the North American lands, anyway. They weren't culturally utilizing any of its resources. It's true that the way the white authorities handled them was abominable, but it's also true that most Native American tribes were basically squatters, even by their own admission. The idea that they "owned" the land is incurably revisionist: Native American cultures have a weak concept of ownership, and practically none of it directed towards the land. To many tribes, saying you owned the land was like saying you owned the sky. These are not things they believed you could tangibly own, even as a collective.

Land is not a birthright and ownership, of anything, is not unassailable. Our world, our different cultures, human interaction in general is still very much based around the fundamentals of natural selection. Of course it's rather easy to deny this when you look at modern society and the structures that have been developed to help the less fortunate, but if you were to peel away the multiple layers of our social evolution, you'd find natural selection still very much at work.
People only help others when they can personally afford to do so, in other words, life is still an 'everyman for himself' prospect and those that we take from, in whatever guise that theft is presented, only have the circumstance of life itself to blame, not the thief.
We don't blame lions for being lions, or lamb for being lambs, we don't blame any animal for acting as nature would have that animal act, so how can we blame ourselves, or hold ourselves accountable for being greedy, murderous, kind, loving, treacherous. That's who our animal is.
Of course we don't owe reparations.

Angelus said:
You make the strangest threads for a website about gaming