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    < Ganoncrotch posted something on Sevengen's wall:

    Was that "halo mcc should only get 100s" a joke thread? I'm just reading through it and I can't quite tell if that was the intention, sorry if it wasn't but I'm just wondering.

    As for the DMC "HD" collection, MGS "HD" collection and most importantly Metroid Prime Trilogy (which includes Metroid Prime 1+2 redone to be played entirely with the Wii-Mote rather than GC controls) not being altered from their original material is what was throwing me that it might not have been for humour?

    < pezus posted something on Sevengen's wall:

    That post, lol!

    It was funny but I think we all knew what his intent was.

    on 16 December 2013

    < Zappykins posted something on Sevengen's wall:

    Welcome back!

    This dude made a really dumb comment.

    on 15 December 2013

    (looks it up.) Yea, that's was not cool. Hopefully he will realize that is hateful and not do that again.

    on 15 December 2013

    Since this is his second ban I have some doubts that he'll change his attitudes towards the sites liking. I admire the fact that you remain more diplomatic compared to others who are would consider themselves more associated to one camp. Keep up the good attitude towards every sides of the camp even though you have your preferences!

    on 15 December 2013

    Thanks man! I got a little carried away this summer, but have been making an effort to only support the things I like and disregard disparaging comments. It's more fun. I do really appreciate your comment.

    on 15 December 2013

    < Sevengen updated his status:

    What's going on?

    < padib posted something on Sevengen's wall:

    Peace bro, I have no beef with you habibi ;)

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    Write 134

    The Xbox 1 is purposely oversized

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 November 2014

    theprof00 said: mZuzek said:Well that was a bit harsh. It should be because that more than just a slap in the face to fans. Did you see the picture of the inside? ahhhh... the beauty of forcing someone else to change their words. it's gonna be a good thanksgiving!!...

    Write 134

    The Xbox 1 is purposely oversized

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 November 2014

    alright, the X1 appears to be a little oversized in comparison with the PS4.... so what? and there's the possibility that Microsoft purposefully designed the X1 with the idea of a slim version somewhere down the road.. again, so what? That's a standard practice by all console manufactures. Do you not know that? That's been going on since the 80's. read up a little bit huh. Is your OP a goof...

    Write 44

    Democracy as we know it has run its course - It is time to modernize our Government

    in Politics Discussion on 24 November 2014

    I don't know if you're a college kid just tossing up theories because a politics class got your wheels movin' or what.. but good god... why don't you just write it all out ad nauseam and title it 'Mein Kamph part II' The US Constitution, current ideological tamperings aside, was a direct affront and condemnation of the exact type of discriminatory, class based societies your ideas seem to...


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