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finalsquall said:
GT5 is a better game though. Mariokart for little kiddies
GT5 is a better game if you love cars more than people.  Mario Kart is better for everyone else :P

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RCTjunkie said:
konnichiwa said:
Xyrax said:
So you guys are gonna do to GT and MK what you did to Metroid and Halo? Or Galaxy and Ratchet?

We are talking about a Kart racer and a Sim racer here. So different it isnt even funny. I guess when Tekken releases it will be Tekken sales vs Brawl?

Oh god please don't give them some ideas =p.

I bet Leo-J would make that thread and say Tekken 6 will sell more because...uhm...I don't know a reason but I bet Leo-J will find a idiot reason...


Speaking of Leo-J, where is he? Isn't his ban over?

 He was banned for 45 days.

^yeah.....GT doesn't appeal to the average person on the street. Arcade-type racing puts racing in an entirely new perspective and in some ways, is easier for casuals and funner because of more twists (use of items which can really change the game)

Will GT5 beat Mario Kart Wii

Sales - No (larger wii userbase will prevail)

Rating - Yes My prediction GT5 - 96% MKWii - 86%

wiiforever said:
^y? cause u "think"? Wii has a install base more than double that of Ps3's and MK has a higher attach ratio than GT so everything points to MK winning

 Yes think. Thinking is what Vgchartz users generally do, since no one is a full fledged analyst or expert. I suggest you change your tone, you're being really rude lately. Her thoughts are just as valid as yours, stop acting as if thats not so.

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Mario Kart Wii FTW! I don't know which will have higher sales though.

No, i think MK will out sell GT5 because of wii's bigger install base and as MK DS has shown MK has gret legs and bring in casula and hardcore gamers alike.



Gran Turismo bores me to tears. I could have more fun in my REAL car on the highway. The only time Gran Turismo interests me is when it's being turned off. Mario Kart, on the other hand, is actually a lot of fun, possibly one of the most effortlessly fun games ever created.

 So I really hope it doesn't----though I very much doubt it will. A lot of GT's US sales came from teen-aged guys who bought the game just cause they love getting all the diffent models of car. Most of those same guys have moved from PS2 to Xbob 360; in that crowd, it's simply the "next console." I'm gauging this on quite a lot of people I know firsthand or through friends.

Nintendo's name however, has grown along with the Wii's. Mario is synonymous with Nintendo.

 So, I think we'll see a much lower attach rate for GT than last gen, while Mario Kart's will be higher.

 So, basically, Mario Kart will very easily outsell GT.

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GT5 puts me to sleep. I played a demo track at my friend's place a while ago, what a bore... rather watch serie a.

On the other hand mario kart is great fun single player and even more so multiplayer.

I think Mario Kart will sell more