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Forums - Gaming Discussion - whats the most emotional game you ever played?

Fire emblem: Path of Radiance. Maybe Twilight Princess

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Kingdom Hearts 2.

CS 1.6 clan wars were quite emotional. Some times NHL matches can be at the same level, but nothing else comes even close.

MGS 4 and Majora's Mask. Especially MGS 4. I almost cried.

Monty on the Run
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

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No video game has affected me on a emotional level. But Anime has.

The walking dead from Telltales. All the choices make you emotionnally implicated.


The ending gets me every time.

Mario Kart. Those blue shells almost made me cry.

I forgot Pokemon! The attachment I feel towards my virtual pets is immense! When I have a team of six but a stronger 'Mon comes along and I have to put a level 32. Leavanny away in a box when he's been with me since he was a nipper at level 3 the sense of loss and guilt is ridiculous! "F" you Pokemon!