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    < Teeqoz posted something on IsawYoshi's wall:

    So how far north in Norway do you live? Norwegians unite!

    Hey, nice to see other norwegians here!

    I moved to tromsoe august last year to study at UiT, used to live in Sogn og Fjordane before that again. I've come to find out that tromsoe pretty much is a more densely populated, colder and more dark version of my old home x)

    How about you, a southener you too? ^^,

    on 05 March 2017

    Hehe not quite, I live in Lofoten. Slightly warmer than Tromsoe, but it still gets pretty darn cold in the winter. I love it though. That way I can go skiing .

    Funny thing, I'll be taking some math subjects at UiT next year (I'm in VG3, but I'm a year ahead in math).

    on 05 March 2017

    Ah, I'm actually a quarter lofoting myself, my granddad was from gravdal!

    We had lots of snow back home as well, so there wasn't any lack of skiing to put it that way. I am however not sure I would call that a lot anymore, living in tromsoe for these last months :P

    Rando or telemark? Or just slalom or cross country? I'm more of the latter two, but it would be a shame if I didn't try out randonee while I'm up here!

    Nice to hear, is it the mathematics and statistics bachelor? ^^

    on 05 March 2017

    I just do slalom and cross country. I only recently got into slalom though, had a traumatic childhood experience that kept me away from it for many years, I'm actually pretty satisfied with myself for overcoming that mental barrier, and now that I have, I think it's awesome!... Even though I'm still not that good at it haha.

    I miswrote earlier, I'm in VG2 currently, VG3 is next year, so that's what I meant by being a year ahead in math. Since it will be alongside my final year of VGS I'm not gonna be starting a full degree, but I will do like 22.5 studiepoeng or something like that within various mathematical subjects. After that I hope to study nanotechnology at NTNU, or even better at MIT in the states, but it's a long way ahead to get there!

    on 05 March 2017

    Well hey, props to you! I had something of the sorts with biking when I was younger, and I still haven't gotten past that. It ain't easy, or maybe I'm just a good ol' coward. X) Good to hear you're enjoying slalom though, fantastic fun when you start to master it!

    Ah I see. That's quite impressive actually! I was concidering NTNU for a while myself, kybernetikk though, before I landed on medicine up here. I've got to say, you must have one hell of a... vitnemaal.. if you're able to get right into nanotech!

    From what I've heard it's difficult to get jobs on that field in norway, but the market is growing enormously in the states so I assume it will come here as well. Here's hoping you'll be able to get into MIT, that's class as heck! :D

    on 05 March 2017

    Yeah, mental blockages are the hardest to overcome. It makes no sense, but that is sort of the thing with emotions (such as fear) - they aren't rational.

    So far, the grades to get into NTNU nanotech don't seem unachievable, but it will require a solid dose of luck and of course hard work, so fingers crossed!

    on 05 March 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on IsawYoshi's wall:

    lol, great avatar!


    on 27 January 2017

    < Wright posted something on IsawYoshi's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    Thanks wright! I expect one of these next month as well ;D

    on 26 November 2016

    Took your damn fine time to say that xD

    on 26 November 2016

    well you know, inactivity and such x)

    on 26 November 2016

    < fory77 posted something on IsawYoshi's wall:

    How come nobody noticed that you're satan:


    I'm just that good at pretending not to be him. ^^

    on 30 May 2015

    < IsawYoshi updated his status:

    Spring has arrived in Norway ^^,

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    Gear.Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch - Teaser Trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 August 2017

    Clunky name imo. Looks interesting. I wish nintendo would just dare to step into the game themselves. Why nintendo hasn't got a first party racing sim and a first party FPS is beyond me....

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    Convince me to get a Vita

    in Sony Discussion on 08 August 2017

    Bought a vita last year to play the three first ratchet and clank games + the three first sly games. Haven't used the thing since then really. I got golden abyss, little big planet vita and tearaway as well, but all of those bored me so I didn't play much. There's quite a lot of indiegames and weird japanese games though, so if that's your jam then it might be worthwile. Otherwise Sony really...

    Write 44

    Should athletes in any sport be permanently banned for doping?

    in Sports Discussion on 08 August 2017

    Cobretti2 said: honestly it be easier to just let them all dope then waste money on drug testing and trying to fight new methods of doping each year. The result would be that everyone that even remotely tried to be good at any kind of sport would do doping, including people that's not playing sports at a professonal level, but also people playing for example soccer or football far...


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