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Forums - Website Topics - Are we in the dark ages? MODS WTF?


As many of you know I as well as another member got all sarcastic and borderline offensive when DKII posted about the length of your post / spam rule. He was not offended and knew we were only busting his balls, but another wanted us to be made as examples. So I took my 3 day ban and forgot about it, mostly.

In case you don't know, the new rule was that you can no longer just quote someone and put QFT or LOL etc, you post must be greater than a 4 letters. blah.

Personally I think that is just ridicules and overboard. This is a common practice in forums and is normally not abused. However, I noticed today that a certain mod has banned Weezy because he posted a picture and thus got banned for breaking before mentioned rule. ??? wtf.

Not that the picture was offensive or something, it wasn’t. Just because he only put a picture. If this isn't the most ridicules abuse of powers I don't know what is.

ioi and mods, this is getting stupid. spam is one thing, putting a picture that is relevant or funny like the annoyingly stupid cat posts that, even some mods, put up is common forum practices. As well as quoting something and putting lol, or QFT, or WTF.

I think any of us can tell when these are abused and are just spamming, but, today's example with weezy is just a mod being a jerk and taking out personal issue.

If I am wrong in my assumption than I would love to know why, I normally would just pm the mod in question, but in this case I think the whole community should weigh in on the new over zealous spam rules.

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you know it was not even an official rule !! :O

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Actually in this case I am agreed.

The rule makes sense but the mods need to use common sense in applying it. If somebody is spamming ban them but if somebody is making a short but relevant post don't.

kirby007 said:
you know it was not even an official rule !! :O

 Apparently it seems to be some sort of rule that a mod use whenever they just want to ban someone. Just as the QFT and other phrases can be abused, so can this "rule".

power corrupts, it always does.



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hmm you know what happens when people get pushed far enough revolts happen and many are left dead.......

You are very right, although generally it is better to expand on something like QFT rather than just write that and nothing else

I agree with what you said. Not to be offensive or anything, but the way the mods ban around here was part of the reason why I didn't sign up earlier.

well i think they should ban offensive posts,i think your right and that they shouldnt ban users for just postsing pics

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I kinda agree with superchunk. Some mods are way too rough on spam banning. There is a difference between saying QFT once in a while and spamming all the way. I'm sure most forum member know who's a spammer and who's not. Mods are really itchy lately, especially when it comes to spamming, chill out guys.