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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What the heck is it with Nintendo and release dates?

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We have an exact release date for Assassin's Creed 4, despite it being 8 months away, yet we don't have a release date for Pikmin 3, which was supposed to be out 4 months ago, or The Wonderful 101, which was slated for  Q1/Q2 this year, or even a Western date for Game and Wario, which hits Japan later this month.

Why is Nintendo so damn stingy with release dates? The lack of any concrete dates is deflating the possible excitement for upcoming games, because for all we know they could be miles off. If they just stood up and told us: "Pikimin 3 hits 28th of April, Wonderful 101 on  ther 3rd of June" then people could mark down dates and get hyped. As it is, they're holding us in a starved, anemic limbo without even giving us a parole date to look forward to.

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Ubisoft can give an exact release date because they have moved to a yearly release model, with very defined periods for design, development, QA, and so on. Nintendo is still organised so that developers come up with ideas and see them through to creative completion, whenever that might be. Pikmin 3 and SSB were announced before they were even in full development, because Nintendo felt they needed to mention them. AC4's announcement was just one matter-of-fact milestone on the list of hundreds, coinciding with the ability to release a trailer and screenshots.

Iwata needs to get better hold of his development staff and treat it like a business, with games being released on schedule in support of the existing consoles, instead of game ideas targeting whatever and whoever happens to be available to handle it.

Nintendo went from delaying games to not giving them release dates at all!
Let`s hope the next ND provides the release dates for a few months, at least!

im getting a little impatient. Just give me pikmin 3 already

Wii U owners should boycott Nintendo over Pikmin 3.

Seriously, though, this has to hurt customer confidence somewhat, both existing and potential. Sometimes I get the feeling that Nintendo avoids change just for the sake of avoiding change.

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Really, there isn't an excuse. (Other than the fact that they might not really know when the game is going to be finished, or they don't know how many copies to make and how long that'll take them, or they don't want to keep delaying the game due to the Devs wanting to add more content.) Well... that's all I could come up with. And that was stretching it.

The lack of a Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101 dates is kinda getting on my nerves.

But I guess development is still at a stage where having a definite release date isn't possible.

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Even games with exact release dates can get delayed, so why does this matter? Oh right, the hype. On that note, wouldn't the lack of releasing new information/trailers be a bigger concern than the release date?

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Nintendo believes that if they don't announce release dates early, they'll never be criticized for delaying games lol.

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I think they just got scared of all the hate from Twilight Princess' delays.