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We have an exact release date for Assassin's Creed 4, despite it being 8 months away, yet we don't have a release date for Pikmin 3, which was supposed to be out 4 months ago, or The Wonderful 101, which was slated for  Q1/Q2 this year, or even a Western date for Game and Wario, which hits Japan later this month.

Why is Nintendo so damn stingy with release dates? The lack of any concrete dates is deflating the possible excitement for upcoming games, because for all we know they could be miles off. If they just stood up and told us: "Pikimin 3 hits 28th of April, Wonderful 101 on  ther 3rd of June" then people could mark down dates and get hyped. As it is, they're holding us in a starved, anemic limbo without even giving us a parole date to look forward to.

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