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    < morenoingrato posted something on NintendoPie's wall:


    This is why I like you.

    4 days ago

    < Wright posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    That's some ugly avatar you're sporting right now.

    More like the return of a classic.

    on 16 June 2017

    Classics can be ugly, just sayin'.

    on 16 June 2017

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    That looks all kinds of creepy :O

    You're welcome.

    on 16 June 2017

    < morenoingrato posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    Where are you kiddo? I refuse to believe you can't connect.

    I just didn't bring my laptop with me on vacation so I didn't bother trying on my phone.

    But I am back now. Hit me up with the recent happenings.

    on 15 June 2017

    Do you use discord chat?

    on 15 June 2017

    Mario Odyssey looks amazing.
    I am so tempted by Xenoblade 2 and Splatoon 2.
    Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch will be released in 10 years.
    Capcom is a piece of shit an and a bigger foe of Nintendo than EA.

    on 15 June 2017

    I don't know what discord chat is.

    And I actually did watch the Spotlight, not live, but still. When I heard the Prime theme I knew it was over for every other conference this year. I'm excited to see both Metroid and Pokémon Switch in 2034 along side FFVII R and KH III.

    And DAMN! SMO honestly looks like it could be the best 3D Mario ever made, possibly surpassing SMG, meaning it could also be one of the best games ever made. Guess you have to buy a Switch now.

    Capcom indeed signed their own death warrant when they made contact with Sony. I'm expecting decline in the series and surprise from Capcom executives when it happens. They are all idiots, after all.

    on 15 June 2017

    < Acevil posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    Honestly speaking I was bored at work, and when Rol called me out the first time, I just ran with it. Given I soon learned I hate typing long sentences on mobile, so I couldn't formulate an good enough argument.

    Wish Blackberry were still the kings.

    on 01 June 2017

    Boredom is a fair enough excuse, I guess.

    Also, you can still buy BlackBerrys if typing on a screen is that complicated for you. You'll just look like you took a time machine from 2005.

    on 01 June 2017

    It isn't complicated just a bit more annoying than keyboard and track pad. Namely when I decide to re-enter what I said in the middle.

    on 01 June 2017

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    The RolStoppable Bodyguard Project -Now hiring

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 hours ago

    spurgeonryan said: But was he not once your father? He's my mother, for better or for worse. Get your VGC history right, spurge....

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    The RolStoppable Bodyguard Project -Now hiring

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 hours ago

    Your first qualification counts out over half this site. Poor man....

    Write 27

    Could Mario Odd. lead to a platformer resurgence?

    in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago

    It may have the opposite effect in that every developer planning on a 3D platformer sees they'll never be able to compete with SMO and end up giving up. Mario kills platforming. Pokoko would need to thank him....


    Occupation: Student/Abercrombie & Fitch

    Height: 6'1

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Brunette

    Zodiac sign: Virgo

    Favourite Games: Anything and everything but Nintendo games.

    Favourite Music: Alternative, some Electronic, K-Pop, and Classical.

    Favourite Films: There are several. Many Pixar movies are among them, but definitely not anything to do with Cars. Not only that though, I also enjoy the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
    Other movies that I like or love include The Silence of the Lambs, Gravity, and specific James Bond films.

    Favourite Books: Books? What?

    Favourite Food: There is too much to choose from... I have a fetish for Italian food, though.

    Hobbies: Traveling, Swimming, VGC. Gaming... maybe.

    Being Soriku's other half.

    About Me: I think you know enough.

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