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    < Wright posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    With a bit of journalistic sleuthing (now I can say those four years of degree were worth it), found our evading cosplayer. Still interested?


    6 hours ago

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    Somebody gnawing on year head? Looks like it hurts! :O

    It's all very metaphorical.

    1 day ago

    < BasilZero posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    How come you didnt like Red/Blue?

    It's a game of its time. Nothing more. Now-a-days and for someone that didn't grow up with it, it's absolutely nothing special. In fact, I feel as though it's the most bare-bones and boring Pokemon out there. Although, that would make sense considering it was the first game and it was on the GameBoy.

    I don't want to keep bothering Wright with Pokemon talk so I'll respond here to what you said below:
    From what you've said it seems Sun and Moon did not improve on any of the problems I had with X/Y, except for doing away with Mega Evolution in favor of Z-moves. Mega Evolution was exceedingly stupid, so that's nice to hear.

    Until GameFreak decides to make a challenging, engrossing, and story-driven Pokemon again, I'm quite uninterested, sadly.

    1 day ago

    "Challenging" - ya they wont go down that direction.

    Story driven maybe but I have a feeling the next Pokemon game which will come out on Switch wont have such a big userbase (online wise at least) compared to previous gens mainly because of the paid subscription (blurgh).

    I like Mega evolution, Z moves are okay though.

    1 day ago

    I don't know why GameFreak did away with the "keys" system they used in B2/W2. Honestly, implementing the use of a hard and easy mode from the beginning would've made these past two generations much more interesting.

    And if what you are assuming is right about the online aspect of the next Pokemon, one would logically assume a larger focus on main-game and story should happen.

    6 hours ago

    < Wright posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    That reminds me, when are you changing your avatar?

    For you.

    1 day ago

    Good enough. Simbolizes well my reaction toward Sun and Moon total sales right now.

    1 day ago

    I agree, they're so undertracked on VGC. What a bummer.

    1 day ago

    I keep hoping those numbers in Nintendo's website are a mistake, but they never lower them. Boo.

    1 day ago

    I've honestly not even played Sun or Moon, so your attempt to play with me about its sales success isn't going to work. Sadly, I feel as though Pokemon hasn't deserved its sales since the DS as they've all sucked. GameFreak has dropped the (Poke)ball.

    1 day ago

    I'm not sure if you're joking or not, now. Gonna give you the benefit of doubt and acknowledge you already know I'm a Pokemon hater. :P

    1 day ago

    I know. The revelation here is that I hate the new Pokemon probably almost as much as you do, now.

    1 day ago

    How come?

    1 day ago

    It's lost the challenge, the worlds feel much smaller and less interesting because of their attempt to go for a weird semi-chibi art style, and most importantly they've relied on nostalgia of (worse) generations to sell to idiots who enjoy those generations more than ever. It's just so boring anymore.
    On top of that, the story has gone the other way from where Black and White was ramping up the drama of it all.
    However, I have yet to play Sun and Moon so they may have fixed some of that. But the demo for it was also quite a snooze fest.

    1 day ago

    Pokemon Sun/Moon is fantastic.

    Better than Final Fantasy VIII thats for sure.

    1 day ago

    Pokemon Red (GBC): 89
    Pokemon Blue (GBC): 89
    Pokemon Yellow (GBC): 91
    Pokemon Ruby (GBA): 93
    Pokemon Emerald (GBA): 94
    Pokemon White (NDS): 98
    Pokemon White 2 (NDS): 93
    Pokemon X (3DS): 94
    Pokemon Sun (3DS): 93
    Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS): 96

    1 day ago

    You grade Pokemon X on the same level as Emerald so I'm not sure I can take you seriously. Pokemon X/Y are among my most hated games along with Red and Blue.

    Is the story at least better though? Back to B/W quality at all?

    1 day ago

    I'm talking about Sun and Moon with the story question, by the by.

    1 day ago

    Dont care what you think. X/Y's new additions and changes were very welcoming in my PoV though the 3DS' hardware limited the game especially during horde/group battles where the FPS dropped so bad.

    3rd gen is still my fav despite me not enjoying the 3rd gen remakes as much as the OG 3rd gen.

    Score wise its higher but I enjoyed OG 3rd gen more than Remakes.

    Sun and Moon's story is okay, its nothing special imo. The game feels a lot shorter and way too easy especially considering majority of the trainers you face have 1-2 pokemon and the "Leaders" have 3-4 at max.

    I cant even remember a trainer I faced that had 6 pokemon full.

    The story's okay overall, its not as good as B/W part 1 but way better than B/W part 2's story.

    Gonna be playing 2nd gen later this year - Crystal version though. Been almost 15 years since I last played it.

    1 day ago

    Though I have to say the setting and the stuff you go through makes up for the short comings of the story.

    1 day ago

    Here's my pros and cons of the game. I played Sun version btw.

    +No more Gym battles, now Island Trials which make you do side quest events such as finding items, solving puzzles or fighting certain battles
    +Region is split into 4 islands with a Hawaiian theme
    +Some first gen pokemon have new forms with new typing
    +Pokedex now Rotom-Pokedex which talks with you and splits entries into 4 categories (for each island) and the entire region
    +QR Scanner allows players to scan in data of pokemon that they have not caught
    +New battle type called Battle Royal where it allows you to do a 4 way free for all battle
    +Z-Moves bring a new way in battling allowing you to do special moves in a cinematic cutscene, this replaces mega evolution
    +Poke-rides are a new feature which allow you to use certain pokemon to traverse the region, this makes surf, flying, strength obsolete as HMs (there are no more HMs)
    +Hyper training returns
    +Festival Plaza allows players to see other players and interact with them for battle or trade, they can access the GTS here as well. Festival coins can be obtained here by interacting with characters which can be used to increase the rank of your festival plaza
    +Poke Pelago is a new feature which allows you to create your own island to have your PC stored pokemon to find items, discover wild pokemon and to even raise levels and stats.
    +81 new pokemon

    -No more gyms (replaced with Island challenges)
    -No HM moves/field moves
    -No Bicycle
    -FPS gets lowered in horde battles
    -No National Pokedex
    -Post game is weak in game wise but thanks to Festival Plaza, replay value can still be increased with other players through trading/battling

    1 day ago

    This pokemon talk got too deep for me. Gotta bounce!

    1 day ago

    Go on and enjoy another bad game Wright.

    1 day ago

    < morenoingrato posted something on NintendoPie's wall:

    I'm bored.

    What is this? FaceBook?

    on 21 April 2017

    Whoa, so it seems after all these years you still are hostile to social media.
    Also, there isn't much now that the Zelda wave is gone.

    on 21 April 2017

    I'm not hostile to social media, I've got an Instagram and a Snapchat. FaceBook is just for soccer moms and old people.

    That's true. The only excitement I get now is from whenever new Switch sales come in.

    on 22 April 2017

    I see what you are now. You are a typical American.
    (While being at the US, I noticed many Americans look down upon Facebook, which seems to be the complete opposite for foreigners or minorities, which use it far more.)
    Same with WhatsApp.

    on 22 April 2017

    Honestly Instagram and Snapchat are so useless and impractical. They truly suck.

    on 22 April 2017

    Sorry to tell you, but you are behind the times.
    Instagram and Snapchat are much more interesting and much less "check out this thing your friend liked," "look at all these random family photos," "buy this thing based off the statistics we have on you."

    on 23 April 2017

    There is no communication whatsoever with Instagram or Snapchat. You can even send files with FB and WhatsApp. You can read the news on FB, keep track of friends in a reasonable to use way, and do simple, useful messaging with Messenger and WhatsApp.
    In Snapchat, it's all about showing stuff people don't care about.
    "Oh, look at my food." "Oh, look at my drunk video that I just want on the internet for 24 hours." "Look at my selfies and my dog ears".

    on 23 April 2017

    Of course, none are as effective as VGChartz.

    on 23 April 2017

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    Any developer/publisher reactions since Nintendo gave out the sales numbers?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 hours ago

    zorg1000 said: Launch record for Nintendo system in US, Australia, and many European countries.......yep not impressive for a Nintendo console. Slownenberg said: How does that even make sense?? Switch first month was EXTREMELY impressive, period. And considering it is still sold out in most parts of the world now almost two months in that makes it even more impressive....

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    MK8Deluxe (is-currently-the-best-selling-game-of-2017-on-amazon)

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

    Poor Amazon. Just can't keep up with overwhelming demand. Hard times....

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    RUMOR - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake for 3DS listed on Eshop (GameXplain)

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

    If true, another missed opportunity for the Switch....


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