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i fail to see how this is a win for the consumers at large? legitimately wondering as i see corporate oligopolies/massive mergers as net-negatives for the consumer, so i'm confused by the general sentiment here.

is this not similar to what disney and NBC have done in the movie/sports/television industry? and i thought we all thought that was a bad thing? late-stage capitalism vibes?

i also must profess, i certainly do not care about the possible "harm" done to sony. in fact, the judge's comment in regards to the FTC's supposed purpose of defending the consumer and not mega-corporations caught me off-guard, as wouldn't allowing the deal to go through be, in essence... defending a major corporation over the consumer? 

interested to hear people's thought process on why this is a good development. 

EDIT: i want to mention that i'm attempting to create a more philosophical argument here rather than "these companies benefit bc of this" or "the consumer gets to have more cloud games (all of which will be owned by one corporation.)" i view this as a bad thing because of what it poses for things to come. the entertainment industry wasn't always ruled by the few, nor the beauty industry, nor the food and beverage industry. all of this happens due to a slippery slope.

Last edited by NintendoPie - on 11 July 2023