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Forums - Website Topics - The moderator team here is not doing their job

But your taking too much offense from it.

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Oh wait, now I remember. It's when Blue3 started insulting people.  You see it was changed by the mods I think.

Yes, you have a PS3 but you are a "fake" user because of Wii...


and you delusional fanboys anti-sony are a little weird......


That's the point. Lamer will not pay $800 for game machine...


hey dont bring x360 games in the scene.

this is new gen.

no time for cartoon halo 3 and Bd(massive flop in japan).

mass effect???????????????//


lol is that even a game?

after SGD 360 is simply blown away by HS/UNCHARTED and LAIR



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ppl stop crying and lets talk about games...geeez..who cares if somone is being a bit of a troll/flamer quit your god damn b!tching ..some of you are so sensitive and so LAME. quit your f*cking belly aching..


 i wish i was a mod somtimes....

 *scene 1*

anonymous- so-and-so is making fun of my beloved wii. i cant take this sh!t no more !

Me- aight n!gga, quit your b!tching this isnt kindergarten your banned for being a pansey b!tch.


 man i would be an awesome mod.

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



There's Blue, which was edited, and Larry at the end, but everything in between was pretty stanard fare, Q-T. You can't complain about every little thing that annoys you like it's the end of the world. If you see something, PM a mod, and copy/paste *precisely* what you see as the problem. They may not do anything, but it might just be that the matter wasn't as bad as you think. Doesn't mean you don't have the right to make your voice heard... just don't do it on the main forum. You feed the trolls a lot more than you think when you do this.

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I am aware of what's going on. Rest assured that I'm keeping on eye on as many threads as I can, and I am involved with a few of these hot topic threads. Yes, some people make some "out-there" remarks, but I do not want to go on a ban-fest, or constantly threaten to ban. I will if I have to, but I would like to keep things on-topic. If someone makes an outrageous remark, sometimes the best solution is to simply ignore him. And if things don't improve, then somebody gets in trouble. By the way, the 1st quote you provided, and possibly the 3rd were made in jest...with no harm meant to anyone.

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so in just the moderator's are doing they're job..if they took everything to heart and didnt have the patience alot of us would get banned with ease..good thing these mod's are acually the mod's of this site and not some of the 5 year olds on this site who cant take alittle heat.

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



Here's your answer:

The problem is that 50% of the time that someone reports the thread to a moderator, the post is not in violation of everything, taking up our time. .... And 80% of the useless reports are made by Quantumn-Tarantino There I got it off my chest. Soon, I'll start some more bannings, but I haven't seen the forums too bad lately.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

How many people had me in mind when advocating this thread? lol.