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    < marymabr posted something on a.l.e.x59's wall:


    My name is mary, i got you from www.vgchartz.com and i want to have a

    good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,

    am yours mary

    this is my email address,(marymabou009@yahoo.com)



    < Solidar 3 posted something on a.l.e.x59's wall:

    Please take the time to read this: - I will only post it once on your wall – I promise!!!!

    To vgchartz: I see that you have taken steps to slow down my progress. However, a thirty second limit and having to use a different email address account is not problem for me. It only means that I will make more email accounts. Nothing you do can discourage me. I have a set goal in mind and I am determined to reach it. I am not the type to give up so I will continue to wage this war until I can no longer do so…. With the exception of a few members – specifically ioi, Soriku, Brute, and a few others, you have all been extremely mean. However, I would accept that without making such a big deal about this except that I see hypocrisy in your own words. Many of you also used “questionable methods” to raise your various statistics. I can point out proof for almost every member except maybe ioi and a couple others. However, you specifically target certain people based solely upon jealously when actually, you yourself have committed the same infractions. Sure, if I commit an infraction, I will respect that. However, it enrages me when I see the people against me committing the same infractions yet are not punished appropriately. Many of the mods except a few (Ben is one as is ioi) target certain individuals and are punctilious about everything they do yet ignore other infractions other members are committing. In other words, many of the mods are inclined to let certain members (such as AoA) off the hook for certain infractions they commit yet they specifically analyze others – looking for the smallest reason to ban them. What injustice I feel when I see this happening. I am totally sick of this bias and hate toward certain people originated from jealously to that person. One of those people happens to be me and Brute and Soriku have also probably experienced this feeling as well. It seems as if almost everybody on vgchartz is out to get ME and in doing so, ignore infractions others are making. If all you guys (you know who you are) want is to make my life miserable, then I cannot only help but make yours too. It’s true that two wrongs don’t make a right but it is in my personality to not only defend myself, but also strike back too when I am viciously attacked like this. I am sure you are all out to find the smallest infraction I make to use as an excuse to ban me but if that is true (and it probably will remain so) then so be it. I could point out at least 10 infractions for most of the members on this site (that have been here a while) and NONE of those people have ever been punished. If this is how you are always going to act toward me, then so be it too. I used to be on neutral terms with EVERYBODY on this site. Yes, even to Aoa – when you said that you were having financial problems in your life, I expressed sympathy and said “good luck” to you. However, jealously quickly sank in and everyone turned against me. If that is how you are going to act toward me, then expect no better treatment from me. That is all I have to say….

    I’m sorry Soriku, Brute, ioi, and other members for the trouble I have caused but you do not realize how much hurt you guys have caused me. I hope you guys will clean up your act and I will clean mine up as well. I will warn you though that if you continue to express such animosity toward me, I will continue to do so too and as some of you (AoA) may know, I can and will make life miserable for you. However, if some of you quit your actions, I will no longer continue to do what I have done toward you specifically. I hope you will take that into consideration…..

    PS: I hope that you see that I do have some knowledge by my writing of this – FERRET.

    < grandmaster192 posted something on a.l.e.x59's wall:

    What the hell are you doing with a Metal Gear Avatar? I thought you had taste in games...

    < blaydcor posted something on a.l.e.x59's wall:

    Congratulations, with awesome web-police like you patrolling the internet, it will stay a happy flowery place where unicorns can thrive

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    Write 58

    George W. Bush: 364 days and counting down until his final term is up!!!!

    in General Discussion on 23 January 2008

    What? George Bush kicks ass!...

    Write 14

    Something really weird just happened!

    in General Discussion on 23 January 2008

    I bought Mario Tennis for Gameboy Color, for $5. I remember very clearly that a portion of the label was torn off. Later on,I put it in storage, with a bunch of other, older games, for a few months. Recently, I took all my games, out of storage, and I look at the game, and the rip is gone. The label is complete. How could this be? It's so weird....

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    Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario World, for NES???

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2008

    It's true! Check these videos out!



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