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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Wii U Doomed?

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Is Wii U Doomed

Yes 74 23.27%
Maybe 43 13.52%
No, Good Exclusives will increase sales 114 35.85%
No, Other 8th Gen Console... 0 0%
No, It released early, sales will pick up 59 18.55%
I don't Know 15 4.72%
Show me the Monkeys 13 4.09%

I didn't realize this, but I just compared Wii U sales to Wii sales for corresponding weeks. Wii sold about 6x better. Are Wii U sales just slow because the other 8th gen consoles haven't even been announced, or is Wii U just doing poorly because it lacks a major exclusive (Wii had a new Zelda and Wii Sports).

245.4k - Wii sales for the week ending January 21st, 2007
039.4k - Wii U sales for the week ending January 19th, 2013

672k - Wii Software sales for the weed week ending January 14th, 2007
112k - Wii U Software sales for the week ending January 12th, 2013

I know NintendoLand is no Wii Sports, and Super Mario Bros. is not the same as a new Zelda, and Wii U did launch early, Wii U doomed?

LOL at my typo... Could that have helped Wii sales? Is Wii U not as hip?

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NSMB > Zelda, Wii Sports > Nintendo Land

However, I am actually enjoying Nintendo Land more than Wii Sports and that is only playing the single player games. I haven't even tried local mulitplayer with Nintendo Land. Wii Sports appeals more to the masses but if the masses were exposed to Nintendo Land more then they might open up to the new controller.  Wii Sports thrived so much because it had very basic controls. Throw in a gamepad with a screen to a video game novice and they are probably lost.

Really getting sick of this question. That is all this site has become. Do000mez & Rumors.

OT: No it's not, when the good shit hits, and tinkering with the Eshop. Wii U is going to stomp everything.

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if by doomed you mean destined to sell less than the wii on all fronts, then yes it's doomed. If you mean to sell less than the next playstation and xbox, then it's anyones guess at the moment. i'd say overall games sales numbers turn around won't happen till at least 2014, maybe even as late as 2015. THE WORLD HAS BEEN SCARED POOR.

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It's in the same boat as the PSVita, waiting for a price cut and killer apps that will push sales. Neither system has games that spontaneously make millions of people think "Oh my God I NEED that!"

I think Nintendo made a big mistake when they decided to release the WiiU early to try to take advantage of holiday sales though. It's obvious this was a last minute management decision for an attempt at an edge up in sales. If one looks at the various software and network issues when the system was first released, along with a surprising lack of even first party support until later this year, I'd say the original release would have been more appropriately placed in Spring 2013. It seems Nintendo management wanted to avoid a repeat of the weak 3DS launch with a holiday boost, but instead got something even worse (for now).


Too soon to tell.

Next holiday season will be telling

Bet with ninjablade:

Ninjablade wins if the next 5 multiplat on the wii u are inferior to the 360 version.

I win if one of the 5 mulitplats are on par or superior on the Wii U.

Only in a Sony/MS fanboy wet dream

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We can't say if it's doomed unless we know how the other two consoels are doing.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.