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I didn't realize this, but I just compared Wii U sales to Wii sales for corresponding weeks. Wii sold about 6x better. Are Wii U sales just slow because the other 8th gen consoles haven't even been announced, or is Wii U just doing poorly because it lacks a major exclusive (Wii had a new Zelda and Wii Sports).

245.4k - Wii sales for the week ending January 21st, 2007
039.4k - Wii U sales for the week ending January 19th, 2013

672k - Wii Software sales for the weed week ending January 14th, 2007
112k - Wii U Software sales for the week ending January 12th, 2013

I know NintendoLand is no Wii Sports, and Super Mario Bros. is not the same as a new Zelda, and Wii U did launch early, Wii U doomed?

LOL at my typo... Could that have helped Wii sales? Is Wii U not as hip?

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