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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What was so wrong with Metroid Other M? (with a poll)

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what was so wrong with Metroid Other M?

the simpler exploration 20 11.43%
the characterisation of samus 53 30.29%
fricking adam malkovich 8 4.57%
the gameplay 25 14.29%
nothing it was great :P 68 38.86%

I get the feeling if Metroid: Other M was reskinned as a straight forward sci-fi action game called Hunter Z or something, most people would be clamouring for a sequel right now.

The story was poorly written though.

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The characterization of Samus really didn't bother me as much as it did others. What irked me the most was the at times cumbersome gameplay. The constantly having to switch between first and third person perspective while only using the Wiimote was a poor gameplay design IMO. They could have just as easily allowed use of the Nunchuk to allow free movement while looking / aiming in first person mode, and allow for easier use of special moves / items by having more buttons and button combinations at your disposal.

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Emulated the "feel" of 2D Metroid in 3D. Fast Samus who could really jump around and such was back. As such, you really felt a thrill navigating the world with abilities that were diminished or outright absent from the Prime games.
Game was just sexy as hell. One of the Wii's top graphical efforts

-Basically a retread of Metroid Fusion, wandering a giant space-station that simulates environments of one of the worlds from a previous game. Even had some of the same bosses as Fusion (Nightmare, though admittedly Nightmare was one of the best bosses of that game).
-Poorly executed plot. I could see what they were going for, i really could, but they just needed a really competent writer on board to bring that vision to life.
-No pickups. A minor, niggling point, but it really changes gameplay for the worse i feel.

I didn't find the whole "Obey orders, ignore suit powers" thing to be too egregious, just because its no more contrived than the beginning of Metroid Prime where Samus just happens to get hit by an explosion just right to de-power her but not kill her, or even worse in Metroid Prime 2 when the Ing had Samus completely in their power and decided to let her return to the Light World alive after stripping her of her powers.

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i havent played, but i am curious to see what the results are

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the game is good , not as good as the other metroids, but don't hate on it it cause it's different ,the game is alright and fun to play so hm

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Metroid: Other M is a good game, but it is not a good Metroid game.

-The story had plot holes all over the place, and it destroyed the characterization of Samus that we have had for decades.
-Exploration was minimal.
-No health or ammo drops from enemies really changes how the game is played.
-Samus is too acrobatic. In the 2D games, dodging was based on well timed and well planned jumps. You couldn't just flip all over the place. Samus has always been a bit of a tank. Not so in this game. This becomes a serious issue in hard mode, since you basically spend most of the game dodging something.
-The parts where you are frozen in place and need to look at something are annoying. This is a minor problem since there are so few of them. However, there was one that had me stuck for at least 5 minutes.
-Why can't you move when using missiles? In all other games it is easy to swap from your beam to missiles and back. This game makes it a huge ordeal to fire missiles.

That's what I can remember off the top of my head. It has been awhile since I played it.

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