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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 6 Hype Thread!

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darkknightkryta said:
You should get the Resident Evil 6 Anthology edition for PS3, it comes with Resident Evil 1-6.  Resident Evil 5 is gold, Resident Evil 4 is HD, Resident Evil 1-3 are PSN so they'll work for your Vita, hopefully eventually.  All that for 90 bucks.  Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.


Wow! Thanks for bringing that up, but US only it seems...thank god for region free gaming. 

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Footage from Ada Wong's not so secret campaign.

I agree with those that say that her sexiness has been taken from her. Lara Croft too? What has gaming become? Bring Princess Daphne back.

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BasilZero said:

Bleh! Xbox360 version contains RE Code Veronica X? wow, one game pfft, already have the movie :(

Damn, putting different games and content , typical Capcom.

You can't fully blame Capcom though, Resident Evil 1-3 are just PSN vouchers for the PSX version.  It'd cost Capcom too much money to get those games running on the 360 for what is 20 dollars more than Resident Evil 6.  They're throwing Resident Evil 4 HD in too.

Updated OP with Chris gameplay.

Seriously worth a watch!

and @5:13 - "If the other three campaigns raise a lot of questions about the RE6 story..then Ada's campaign is the answer." 

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My hype started when I knew there would be boob. I'm sold.

love what i've seen so far. turn this into the official thread. and fill it with content

I just saw the spider gameplay and it seems this game is going to end up being really crappy.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

love what i've seen so far. turn this into the official thread. and fill it with content

I don't know how :(

RE4 is awesome
RE5 is RE4 on steroids :D

And RE6 is looking to be RE5 on steroids XD

Yeah I am hyped.