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Forums - Sony Discussion - The PS2 is doomed (2000)


it is quite a deja vu...

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that i guy isn't completely wrong
he is right when he talked about the adventanges of the dreamcast at that time
nobody knew how the gamecube and the xbox would do
and he was not wrong when said that at that moment with so few games and for that price you could better wait a little


This article has shown up time and time again ...

Much like the articles that are preaching doom for the Wii currently, the author didn't bother to look at how the PS2 was actually selling or how consumers actually used the PS2 before he wrote his article. Unlike the PS3 (which is typically used as a comparison) the PS2 actually sold so well that it ensured heavy third party support through out its life.

There were supply problems with the PS2 and it was still a success? Unpossible! According to some experts here, when systems sell out people are impatient and buy something else.

Wow, that does strike a similar tune to what I hear about the PS3 today.

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leo-j said:
de-ja vu

"ps2 is doomed!"

"ps3 is doomed!"

except this is right when ps2 launched ,right when ps3 launched people were saying it would win

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He wasn't wrong in the sense that it was a bad idea to buy a PS2 at that time, and a better idea to wait for a price drop. The launch lineup was weak and the system was overpriced.

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Wow...maybe history really is repeating itself.

You know, i think people comparing this generation to previous generations need to stop. This generation is totally different from previous ones. Theres no way to compare as times have changed.

It seems Sony try to just repeat the same success they had with the PS2 in the PS3, while Nintendo and Microsoft adjusted and tried to change their game to meet a new market (with Wii apparently showing success, and X360 showing mixed results.)

If anything, the PS3 could suffer from using a very much similar formula to that of the PS2 instead of trying to adjust to the current market.

solinox said:
Wow...maybe history really is repeating itself.

I agree, the most in demand console will win despite supply shortages and some people saying it has no software.