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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Do You Like (and Dislike) Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft The Most?

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Which Do You Like the Most?

Nintendo. 80 45.45%
Sony. 71 40.34%
Microsoft. 21 11.93%


Great IPs with the majority standing the test of time
Emphasis on local multiplayer
Storytelling in their games, solid music

Nintendo only fans
Poor media formats
Constant rehash of IP's
Stringent pricing for old games
No sense of community for any of there games
Lackluster online multiplayer
Never committed to invest in their own tech (wii motion plus, balance board), they abandon and revert back to the mean whenever trouble arises
Too peripheral driven


great controller, sturdy hardware
great platform for a multitude of games I personally like
great studios who are willing to go out on a limb with their games
Nice balance of first and 3rd party titles on the system
Game prices are accessible

Does a poor job of marketing games
Talent is spread too thin due to the multiple studios
Patching system (updates etc) for Sony products are out of the stone age
Systems with severe security flaws
Cant retain any memorable mascots which cuts game series short.


Software driven, everything just works
interchangeability with other microsoft services
Their emphasis on online play
customer services
Patching system is nice and fluid
Emphasis on the living room, making the xbox an entertainment piece
Great online and offline community for a multitude of their games
Even though they are new to the gaming scene, making a huge impact in such a short amount of time.

Their emphasis on online play (maturity level of some the clientele)
sub par controllers
sub par build design

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MS -
Like - Gears of War, Custom Soundtracks, Apps (UFC and VEVO)
Dislike - Paying for XBL, Focus on Kinect, overpriced proprietary accessories, the MS points currency system

Like - Dedication to exclusives, hardware reliability, free online, Blu ray, XMB customization options
Dislike - Longer loading times, Some very long mandatory installs, rare custom soundtrack option

Havent had a Nintendo console since the N64 so dont really feel anyway about Nintendo they just really dont have any games that interest me.

likes: They have all the franchises I like, zelda, mario, metroid, star fox, fzero, fireemblem, golden sun, advance wars, kirby, sin and punishment... they made the best controller ever (GC) reliable hardware (I still have my first wii), amazing gamplay.
cons: it looks like they forgot about fzero, wave race or star fox games this generation. They need to improve their online systems a lot (it seems like the 3ds was a good first step though)

Likes: Gran turismo, once the house of the Jrpgs. Good 3rd party support (castelvania, bayonetta, devil may cry...)
cons: I find their 1st party games a little bit meh in my opinion.

Likes: Forza, good online, good 3rd party support (castelvania, bayonetta, devil may cry...)
Cons: their 1st party games are just meh IMO,


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Adinnieken said:
Scoobes said:
- Closed many PC centric studios

Actually, no they didn't.

Aces Studio was responsible for Microsoft Flight.
Access/Indie Built was responsible for Links, and sold to Take Two, which eventually closed it.
Carbonated Games were responsible for a few XBLA games, but mostly several MSN Messenger games.
Digital Anvil was absorbed into Microsoft Game Studios.
Ensamble was primarily responsible for the Age of Empires series, after their closure the founders reformed as Robot Entertainment, which went on to make Age of Empires Online, and Orcs Must Die. 
FASA was largely responsible for the Mech series of games (MechWarrior/Mech Assult/Mech Commander).

In total, over a decade, Microsoft closed three three PC studios, absorbed one, and sold off another.  It also closed up one casual games maker of console/PC games. 

There were several "studios" that were setup for different game projects, but they existed within Microsoft Game Studios.  Thus, a pseudo independent development studio was formed, but it was simply a team of MGS members working on a project for MGS.  Hired Gun is an example, they worked on the Halo 2 port for the PC.

I stand by my statement, 5 is 5 too many considerring the caliber of some of the studios we're talking about and the number of PC studios left. It's all relative although I should probably clarify it with a bit more though.

MS didn't so much as close down studios that were PC centric, but repurposed, restructured and closed them. When MS bought Lionhead for instance, a studio known for Black & White on PC; yet the Fable games have either released incredibly late on PC or not at all. We then have the 3 major PC studios that consistently produced some great games in great franchises on PC: Ensemble with "Age of Empires", FASA with "MechWarrior" and Aces Studio for "Flight Sim". They don't really have many PC-based studios left now and have very few PC games in the pipeline. So, relatively speaking, they did close down a lot of PC based studios.

pezus said:

N: Dislike lack of games, but love quality of some of their games and the characters.
M: Bad European support. Lack of exclusives. Halo is good I guess.
P: Bad European support mostly. The games they have are amazing!

What the heck is 'P'?! XD

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"Playstation" I guess.

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Mummelmann said:
amp316 said:
I dislike everything.

Anyone that's ever read my posts knows that.

But we love you!

I appreciate the love, Mummelman.

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