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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Do You Like (and Dislike) Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft The Most?

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Which Do You Like the Most?

Nintendo. 80 45.45%
Sony. 71 40.34%
Microsoft. 21 11.93%

We all like and dislike a Gaming Company for some reason. List your reason why you like (and dislike) Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft. You don't have to do all three of them but If you don't mind, it would be nice to see your positive and negative opinion on all three of the companies. 


N: Dislike - ... Like - ...

S: Dislike - ... Like - ...

M: Dislike - ... Like - ...

There you go! That is all you have to do. Jokes are fine but let us not get too out of control on them.

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Hint: It would be nice if you would follow somewhat near to what I posted in the OP. (The way I made it.)

there focus on online gaming, achievments, dlc its ruining gaming
console failure rate
bulling sony and nintendo

exclusive games

not caring for 3rd partys
not focusing on shooters seem to only care bout the east ie GT5s car list

free online
amount of exclusives

focusing on kiddy SW

there a critical part of the gaming industry
they seem nice and dont bully or mock others


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I'm gonna tell you something no one might believe; I don't prefer one over the other(s) any longer. I came into the generation with a pretty heavy bias but I'm leaving it a wiser man in my opinion.

- Lack of new IPs + The games they make are consistently excellent

- Can't market for shit + Massive and generally fantastic library spanning many genres and including a good blend of established and new IPs. (Sony published games)

- A lot less great exclusives than the other 2 + took online gaming on consoles forward when the other 2 wouldn't, twice.

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Like: Has the greatest franchises out there. Focus a lot on gameplay, longevity and value.

Dislike: Forgets some of their greatest franchises.



Like: Their consoles always have a very nice and sleek design.

Dislike: Their horrible controllers.



Like: Their excellent controllers, Halo and Rare's IP's.

Dislike: Their heavily unreliable hardware (my current 360 has frozen a few times, and my first one got the "red ring of death"), their mistreatment of Rare and their paid online.

Mummelmann said:
I'm gonna tell you something no one might believe; I don't prefer one over the other(s) any longer. I came into the generation with a pretty heavy bias but I'm leaving it a wiser man in my opinion.

Hey! You're kind of like CGI! :D (No Bias.)

Ninty: (Pro) gameplay and level design their main focus and cheap prices, excellent customer service. (Con) Gimmicks, bad online (this gen might be different), they cut support of their consoles inmediately after the next one is annunced, bad relationships with 3rd party.

Sony: (Pro) Offering good products for less money than its worth, no region lock, free and decent online. (con) They like to hide their IPs under a rock after using them as short time success or dont treat them with the served respect, their customer sercvies could improve, need betetr marketing, BC looks like a secondary thing for them now.

MS: (Pro) good marketing and reasonable price (con) few exclusives, pay for online.
I dont play much in the xbox so thats the only things i can say about them.

Nintendo: Dislike - Virtual Console games in North America, localization to some degree
Like - Pure gaming, years of gaming classics

Sony: Dislike - PS3, bulling and/or bashing of other companies
Like - Good hardware, some promising IPs

Mircosoft: Dislike - Multimedia, Xbox Live
Like - Same as Sony

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Nintendo -
Dislike: They aren't a bleeding edge company. It doesn't mean that they don't do some innovative things, but rather the things they do aren't technological breakthroughs.
Like: Library of games.

Sony -
Dislike: They tend to be arrogant and believe their own bullshit; they don't seem to know how to get a cohesive branding and utilize the library of content and technology they have.
Like: They are one of the few R&D companies out there. They create and develop technology, not just reproduce someone else's work.

Microsoft -
Like: They are a more flexible and innovative company than they used to be. Going from simply developing software, to actually developing consumer electronics seems to have become a good move in helping Microsoft understand consumers better.
Dislike: Pricing.