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Well yesterday I logged onto the eShop and realized I still had 24$ in my eShop wallet. I had been wanting to buy and try out Dillon's Rolling Western for a long time it was one of my most anticipated 3DS games of 2012. I had thought since it's E3 debut that it should have been a full retail title and Nintendo should invest heavily in the franchise.

After being hands on with the game last night I am 100% certain that Dillon could become a major Nintendo property. Developer Vanpool has been a major Nintendo supporter the last decade. I must say if I were Nintendo I would fully acquire them ASAP. Or at least take over 51% of the developer and acquire all of its properties.

Dillon is simply amazing. The character is lovable the plot line great and the game play not only unique but could be expanded massively for future iterations. I only have two issues with the game. When you attack an enemy you are transported to a battle arena to fight. I think that the enemies should just be fight able on the battlefield no arena necessary. Secondly the visuals while they are pretty good could have probably been improved a little.

But over all I am already seeing so many possibilities for Dillon. Firstly on the WiiU I could see the touch pad being utilized in a big way not only for controls but an over all view of the battlefield see where your guns are and where the enemies are coming from.

But what about 4-player coop? A cartridge sequel on 3DS could have four player coop where the four of you help defend a town from hordes of enemies. On WiiU you could have two players locally and two players online cooperating to advance through the games coop mode.

Then competitive mode. Four towns each on a corner of the map. Enemies spawning in the center maybe throw in terrain like a hill or mountain to change up game play. Last town still being defended wins the match.

Then through in team death match. Two town and eight players. Four defending each town. Catch is you can travel across the map and attack your enemies defences. He has a couple gate lined up go over their and destroy them to clear a path for the enemies to get through. Maybe take on an enemy player yourself in a good ol duel to keep him distracted and away from shoring up his towns defences. This online game play would work amazingly well with WiiU.

Then lets talk campaign and not just online. Nintendo could thrown in rivals and things like bounty hunting. Theirs a pesky outlaw bugging the town your sent to defend. He will attack your defences some times and attack the town. You need to go out into the map and hunt him down and arrest him all the while defending your town. Nintendo could then also add things like mountains and plat forming elements to the game to change up and continue to innovate it.

something else I thought about is the franchise is about Dillon and Rolling Western is just one game style that could be done. Nintendo could put Dillon in an urban setting in a future game. Or maybe a jungle setting where Dillon is a treasure hunter his character would be usable very well as the Indiana Jones type. Dillon could be used in all kinds of settings heck Nintendo could even bring him to other genres like a full blown RPG or RTS or platformers. The possibilities with this IP are endless.

I am dissapointed Rolling Western was not a full retail title. I fear Nintendo may ignore a golden opportunity to create an amazing new franchise if the sales on eShop are not that impressive. Nintendo should not be deterred by any lack of sales on eShop. The IP has amazing potential and needs to be given a chance at full retail on shelves for WiiU or a proper full blown title on 3DS! It is an amazing new IP! If Nintendo released something like Steel Diver then Dillon deserves the full retail experience!


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Wait, Vanpool made Dillon? Vanpool, the guys who made the DS Tingle games? O.O'

I may have to download this game now, fast!

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Yes and Cheebee you need to download it ASAP hands down the best downloadable title I have played on a handheld. I have not played it too long but it was such a blast to play!


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While I agree with you that Dillion could become a popular new IP for Nintendo, I disagree with the fact that Nintendo should have brought this first title to retail. To me this game highlights Nintendo's new online retail strategy where smaller development teams get a chance to develop their own new IPs without the same level of company oversight that a full Nintendo retail game would have to deal with. Online distribution allows Nintendo to create and experiement new ideas without having to take the risks of releasing a completely new and untested game to retail at full price. Games that could easily be sold as retail titles at full price or a little lower like Dillion or Pushmo can be distributed to a much wider audeance at a quarter of the price without costing Nintendo anything in regards to production and distribution.

I feel that it was specificaly because of the eshop that a number of these games were released and without the eshop many of the new Nintendo IPs would never have come out or their gameplay ideas would have been recycled into establish IPs. The eshop gives these new IPs a chance and if they do well then Ninendo will probably expand on the title and convert its sequel into a full retail game.

though people still complain about the future of Nintendo's online I would say that if the eshop is anthing to go by then Nintendo's online retail is going to be incredible.

This thread got no love... I'm still getting this game because I love the hybrid mix of strategy / action or whatever the hell it is. The game looks fun and I am surprised that Nintendo has released 3 very awesome games on the eshop within about a year (Pushmo, Freakyforms, and Dillion's Rolling Western).

I am not sure if they should make it into a full fledged IP though. $10 seems pretty spot on for this game. Seems a little expensive for an eshop game (although I know it will be of good quality since published by Nintendo). I'll actually read the op now...

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I agree with Dillon having potential for more. I already made another thread about that:

I disagree with putting Dillon into other settings: Dillon is designed as a western-hero, he wouldn't fit into an urban or a jungle setting.

I agree, that Dillon-games could be different genres, if the games are properly named so the fans now that the gameplay could differ. I would be very happy about Dillon in a explorer-Indiana-Janes-game (not in the jungle, but the western lands have to be explored as well). RPG and RTS are fine with me too.

I agree with midorigreen (that name is doubling itself), that it is right to try out some new IP as downloadable game first.

Ah, and who else wants Dillon with his extraordinary fighting-style in Super Smash Brothers?

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Is it really that good, I thought the trailer looked awesome. I need this and Sakura Samurai

Maybe there will be download only Major IPs from now on." type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

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Ya Tolu that's Nintendo's top secret plan create major online IP so that third parties can't compete with Nintendo online either. Its a matter of pride on a Nintendo console you can't create a better product then Nintendo's own. Nintendo doesn't want a repeat of WiiWare where third party downloadable titles were actually better then Nintendo's it breaks the order of things and brings dishonour to the Nintendo name! lol


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