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Forums - Movies & TV - Brand NEW The Amazing Spider-Man trailer - Spidey's humour and the Lizard are back!

Looks great and the score sounds nice too. Spider-Man and TDKR in one month is great.

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That looks much, much better than the other trilogy.

that actually looks like it could be good

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I can't stand Dennis Leary, shameless joke thief.

Looks neat. And as they don't have to do much to be better than the other ones, I'll give it a try. Besides, it has Emma Stone :)

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wow... that is now on my calendar.

Looks to be a great reboot.

Okay, now this. THIS!!

Personally, I liked the first Spider-Man movie but I thought the Green Goblin was portrayed horribly--especially his mask that couldn't show any emotions. I thought Spider-Man 2 was some bullshit. Doc Ock's tentacles had their own personality? No epic fight at the end. Doc died trying to perform some retarded feat of science. And Spider-Man 3. Good lord. Good action but the way the black suit was introduced, the way Sandman got his power, Harry Osborne's freak amnesia, and his butler that new everything but wouldn't say anything until the end of the movie. The whole Raimi Spider-Man series was a let down for me.

Now this. This looks promising. Batman may have some competition this Summer.

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Eyebrow raised...

It looks like they understand Spider-Man the character, but I'm a bit worried about the villains in this movie. And is it me, or does the costume look worse than the 2001 incarnation?

Love and tolerate.

Things I don't like: That stripe on Spidey's pants. I'll never get used to that. Emma Stone looks eerily like a girl I used to date (she broke my heart!) as a blond.

Things I do like: Everything else.

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Pretty positive reception here. For some reason though this seems a bit twilight ish. Maybe i am just turning into old grumpy person way too soon. Spiderman 2 will stay as the highlight of spidey for me. :)