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Forums - Movies & TV - Brand NEW The Amazing Spider-Man trailer - Spidey's humour and the Lizard are back!

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I like the look of it. I don't know how to describe looks clean? Fresh? Different?

That was an awesome trailer, any doubt I had is gone.

Thank god it is the real spiderman this time. 


It looks like Sam Raimi had his own way, and this is going to be how Hollywood actually wanted it. I will miss Spiderman, but this new one should fill that void.

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Finally a GOOD trailer. That first one was terrible.

To me this looks more like how I think of spiderman than the original set of movies. Should be good hopefully.

Looks pretty decent, although something about it makes it look... cheap, I think it's the suit to be honest, it just doesn't look right...

Looks pretty good actually. My interest has gone way up.

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