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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil: Attracting CoD fans 'the dream,' says Capcom. 'Action route makes sense'

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Its Final Fantasy 13 all over agian....

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Yep. After RE4 sold so well, it was obvious the direction 5 would take from a core-gameplay point of view.

After RE5 became the best selling game in the series, no chance in hell that they would drop the formula.

From what Ive seen, the majority cant wait for this game. YouTube likes are usually a good way to see if somethings liked too... Over 9500 likes to 185 dislikes, in less than 24 hours on close to 700,000 hits.


Damn it all to hell!

I don't know what to think here. for me RE4 was one of my faviourite games of all time. it was one of the three big Japanese games that reinvigorated its genre in the last console generation, and was the best game to ever be produced by Capcom.

i thought RE5 was awful. it was a very short game, the AI co-op was too intrusive to the survival horror nature of the game. the the game just tore apart everything Shinji Mikami and his team achieved with the RE series.

the story and the writing wernt very good either. i think the RE6 debut trailer looks great. but i dont trust Capcom. everything they've done this console generation has been mediocure, not to mention their strategy seems to be to exploit their fans for every penny they have. case in point RE5, which had an abundance of DLC and online extras. RE6 will undoubtidly feature the same case with a heavier emphasis on the online mode, since now they are targetting COD players.

While I definitely still want the game to be RE, I am not against including a bit more action, sometimes I feel like RE games are a bit too limited.

I am confident the game will turn out a success though.

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Resident Evil should be Resident Evil, not another shooter.

Then it's indeed a good thing they still release things like Revelation for fans of the old formula.

Gotta please 'em all!

morenoingrato said:
Resident Evil should be Resident Evil, not another shooter.

+1000 points!

All I know is that the trailer looked epic as hell, and I am thoroughly stoked for this game. And yes, I have played the Revelations demo and am excited for it as well. It is possible to enjoy both styles of gameplay :P

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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idc how much RE has become like COD i just hope it doesnt have a forced AI partner to babysit if you choose to play solo, i dont think it be to hard to make slight tweaks to the campaign structure to allow a mainly single player character experience like RE4 was


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