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So often does Capcom prove that they have no idea what they are doing, and yet so often does Capcom prove their brilliance

really an enigma of a company

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

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Will reserve judgement until I actually play the game, but after the sales RE5 achieved this direction should have been expected.

It's so sad to see every damn game series being dumbed down. I don't know what to do, if I should just adapt or play more old games? Or put more time in the few hardcore games that still exist.

So it will just become a jack of all trades, master of none.

I thought the trailer looked generic as hell and also didn't look as polished graphically as Resi 5.


I'm not really here!

The problem is that fans seem to think that Zombies are the main enemy in the original Resident evil. RE has a plethora of other enemies like birds, spiders, snakes, sharks, lickers, those frog things, giant plants, tyrants. Zombies in RE have always been the level 1 enemy type with zombie dogs being level 2.

Seriously after your first real encounter with zombies there really isn't any sense of dread when you meet a them again in any of the original games. In fact you can ignore pretty much all of them from the outset.

Only in umbrella chronicles did the zombie menace actually cause some scares and those were only artificially made from the on rails scripted experience.

I enjoyed RE:4 And welcomed the change in enemies. I had no problem with 5 and RE:6 seems to be doing homage to RE:2 with a RE:4 spin.

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Yep. loosing all loyal fans and gaining new in the shooter genre is the right direction to gain respect.

Can't blame them, though. Shooter market is just bigger today.

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bet with Mordred11 that Rage will look better on Xbox 360.

man how i miss the good ol "shit in your pants" survival-horror- REs...

Buy Silent Hill!!!!!!
Let's prove capcom that survival horror is the way to go.
I hope last of us is more focus on horror and I hope it will sell well that will make Capcom looks twice.

Luckily there is other developer that care more about making a product they think is great then one they think is gonna sell more.

mushroomboy5 said:
RE5 was my least favourite in the series so far but I still found it very enjoyable... as my old uncle Jake used to say : "Any Resident Evil is better than no Resident Evil"...
(then again he was dragged away by the police one summer morning for performing unspeakable acts on wallabies so what would he know?!)
As long as the game (re6) still works as a solo game (preferably with no dodgy ai sidekick) then colour me in-erested!

Bison wallabies?