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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil: Attracting CoD fans 'the dream,' says Capcom. 'Action route makes sense'

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R.I.P. Resident Evil (1996-2005). RE 5 was a piece of garbage, and I have no doubt that RE 6 is going to be as well.

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Carl2291 said:
Yep. After RE4 sold so well, it was obvious the direction 5 would take from a core-gameplay point of view.

After RE5 became the best selling game in the series, no chance in hell that they would drop the formula.

From what Ive seen, the majority cant wait for this game. YouTube likes are usually a good way to see if somethings liked too... Over 9500 likes to 185 dislikes, in less than 24 hours on close to 700,000 hits.

That can be misleading at times though. I know a couple MW3 videos where the dislikes outnumber the likes. These are usually the videos which get embedded on sites like N4G. I'd say going by view count is a better way. It means there is interest in the game.

morenoingrato said:
Resident Evil should be Resident Evil, not another shooter.

It looks very Resident Evil though. I see no Call of Duty influence at all in that video. A little Gears of War maybe.

Well then, let's see how it turns out.


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I missed the old horror genre days of the Resident Evil series.

Oh well, regardless of the genre, I'm still looking forward to this and Revelations for the 3DS. (Not the movie, that can go burn in hell like the last).


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One man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm sure if capcom wants to forget about survive horror that another developer would take the opportunity establish a survive horror franchise. Or if only capcom would continue the outbreak series.


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RE5 was my least favourite in the series so far but I still found it very enjoyable... as my old uncle Jake used to say : "Any Resident Evil is better than no Resident Evil"...
(then again he was dragged away by the police one summer morning for performing unspeakable acts on wallabies so what would he know?!)
As long as the game (re6) still works as a solo game (preferably with no dodgy ai sidekick) then colour me in-erested!

At least resident evil revelations looks like it won't suck. The demo is great.

They're a company, not a charity. Considering RE5 sold so much it's only natural to follow suit with the sequel. It's only smaller publishers and devs such as NIS and Atlus that NEED to appeal to their fanbase and their fanbase alone for their titles are too niche for anyone else.

Thats why call of duty never changes, the fans hates the changes,