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I don't know what to think here. for me RE4 was one of my faviourite games of all time. it was one of the three big Japanese games that reinvigorated its genre in the last console generation, and was the best game to ever be produced by Capcom.

i thought RE5 was awful. it was a very short game, the AI co-op was too intrusive to the survival horror nature of the game. the the game just tore apart everything Shinji Mikami and his team achieved with the RE series.

the story and the writing wernt very good either. i think the RE6 debut trailer looks great. but i dont trust Capcom. everything they've done this console generation has been mediocure, not to mention their strategy seems to be to exploit their fans for every penny they have. case in point RE5, which had an abundance of DLC and online extras. RE6 will undoubtidly feature the same case with a heavier emphasis on the online mode, since now they are targetting COD players.