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Forums - Music Discussion - Why does most music made after ~2000 suck?


Do you believe the music industry has gone downhill during the 2000s?

Yes 79 69.91%
No 29 25.66%
Maybe 5 4.42%

My advice: listen to a radio station that plays only current songs in a genre you like. Sooner or later you'll hear plenty of new and interesting songs.

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i think its not the music its us. people that lived in the 80s and listened to music say 90s suck. :D

Tsubasa Ozora

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Rap, Pop music. There you go

In my opinion, modern music "sucks" because it hasn't changed much from what became popular in the late 1990s ... Popular music of the 1950s sounded different from popular music of the 1960s, which sounded different from popular music of the 1970s, which sounded different from popular music of the 1980s, which sounded different from popular music of the 1990s, and then popular music (more or less) stagnated.

There was a study done in spain that showed that recent pop music is actually worse than pop music from the 50's and 60's, as it is louder, more monotonous, and devoid of complexity both in chord progressions and lyrical variety.

so yeah, that's why modern pop sucks.

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I think it is because music has become so repetitive and is all about the dancing. The older songs have more variety and they are not trying to sound anything they are not.

Alter bridge is good stuff
but pretty much the op is correct

there are a lot of gems post 2000... its a matter of digging


Because all the new "talent" comes from The X Factor and other reality gob shite. Thats why so much modern music sucks donkey balls.

DieAppleDie said:
Alter bridge is good stuff
but pretty much the op is correct

Alter Bridge is great stuff...their first two albums still blow my mind. If anyone doesn't know who they are, look them up. Im currently listening to Blackbird (one of my favorite songs of all time).

@ topic: most music made after the dawn of time has sucked (90% of everything is trash) but i get what you are saying. People started wanting different things out of their music and the music industry was dragged down by recording companies like how publishers are strangling the game industry.