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Forums - Music Discussion - Why does most music made after ~2000 suck?


Do you believe the music industry has gone downhill during the 2000s?

Yes 79 69.91%
No 29 25.66%
Maybe 5 4.42%

Music evolves, so do we; and many musicians nowadays rely on technology rather than talent. Most importantly, unlike in the past where only those who are on tv, radio or stage have real talents oftentimes multi-talented, nowadays almost anyone can be in front of the camera.

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You guys cray!!

There's Two Door Cinema Club, Keane, Maroon 5, Rascal Flatts, Simple Plan, 3 Doors Down, Adele, Adam Lambert, The Killers, Owl City, and a ton more. If you don't like any of those artists then I shun you.

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and way more

Music hasn't gotten worse. It's just that before 2000, we had VH1 and MTV to show us all of the popular music in heavy rotation but at the same time, they'd show us stuff we'd never listen to on our own. We'd find stuff we didn't know we'd like and we'd make it big. We'd buy it, we'd request it, and we'd tell our friends about it.

Now, we only listen to what we hear on the radio and most of that is just stuff they try to force us to like. Companies decide what is going to be in heavy rotation an pay for it to play every time you get into your car. When we're left to find good music on our own, we don't even know where to begin.

Sometimes, people recommend good music to me via youtube message. What do I do? I say, "Who the fuck is this asshole pushing music videos on me?" and I block them. There's just no way to find the good through all of the bullshit except for the rare ocassion when the company molded, generic voiced, model-faced, Disney star takes a back seat to a real musician. Even your MP3 player is filled with stuff the industry forced you to like (or older stuff that you discovered via your cool friends or when MTV was trying to be "edgy" and mattered).

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I blame y2k

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The majority of music from every decade since the 50's (maybe 60s) sucked. Nothing has changed. That is all.

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Times change, and tastes change with it. In the 1950's and 60's parents hated rock music, they thought it was corrupting their kids and it was "loud noise". So, just because the style of music has changed and it's not something you like anymore, it doesn't mean it's "bad", it's just that you have your taste that you grew up listening to and you don't want it to change. People who grow up in the 2010-2020 are not going to like rock music, they're going to be fond of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. It's always been like that, and it's not going to change.


When you ask "Has the music industry gone downhill during the 2000's", I'm not exactly clear on what you're referring to. There has been a decline in the sales of music, for sure. But that is more due to the fact that there is rampant online piracy, and it's affected not only music, but also moves, games, and TV. I don't think it's at all fair to say that the decline in the sales of music industry-wide is due to a declining quality of music. There are more bands than ever, and thousands of artists regularly sell out arenas, so I think the money has just shifted from sales of CDs into ticket sales.


Music is just fucked up the arse with auto tuning, especially in pop and r"n"b. only really in the last 10 years though. it should be done for dubstep only, thats where it belongs.
personally, i had enough of it a long time ago, so hardly listen to the top 40 anymore (rarely anything but a butchered autotune mess!) the popular music has had it's day now i think, as we move to indie's and alternative music.
although, some good music does exist, i mean look at foster the people or gotye. also, indie's on youtube are amazing.
Music in general doesn't suck, it's most of the big names that suck now.

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But Alicia Keys keeps crafting instant classics, so it's not completely dead.