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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony announce US sales now exceed 3.9m

zackblue said:
FishyJoe said:
Seriously, why can't you people just wait for NPD numbers before whining about changing numbers? It's like some people just want to complain the second they get any type of information whatsoever.

Were not you the one who said when sony says CONSUMERS in the sentence "sold to" numbers would be changed?

 You've been here long enough to know how this works.

Sony, MS and Nintendo can only know how much they sold to retailers (Their customers). If they could track their own sales to us then they wouldn't need NPD. They wouldn't have to wait for NPD numbers to come out before releasing their press release.


@ Viewsonic9

From your experience?? really?? Cause they used to report manufactured units before... and then after scrutiny they changed to numbers sold to retailers... so what  experience would you be talking about?  Because clearly from this side of my monitor that makes you sound pretty clueless on Sony and how they report their figures.

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Parokki said:
Not to be a dick, but why do these kinds of threads turn Sony fans into raving idiots?

What the OP posted was a vaguely worded article from a rubish tabloid, written by a person of whose competence we have absolutely no idea, and people are seriously saying the front page numbers should be adjusted because of it? At least give it up when it's pointed out how wrong you are, and stop defending a non-existant claim just because.

I have updated the post with a link to a Gamesutra article that makes more sense.

When is the next NPD?


 2008 end of year predictions:

PS3: 22M

360: 25M

wii: 40M

What is this bullshit that Nintendo,Microsoft releases sold to cunsumers and Sony shipped? We should not trust numbers from those companies they dont track sold to consumers they just care about shipped. What a bad start for 2008.

zackblue said:
@sky render

Dude sony sated they sold 1.2 M ps3's to consumers, we track consumers, numbers must be changed.

 Numbers can't be changed just on Sony's word alone though...  Let's see if Sony's numbers add up to NPD's come January 17th and take it from there.

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Relax guys, look the numbers here show Sony selling 1.2 million+ for the period of November 5 to December 29 in the Americas.  PS3 is not supply constrained, and Sony probably wants to do everything in their power to meet their fiscal goal.  This data is completely in line with what we have if you take it as shipped, since Sony had to estimate how much demand would go up with the appearance of the $400 PS3 and the holidays.  That couldn't have been easy, and they did the right thing by shipping alot of extra units.  I have no doubt they shipped 1.2 million - at least - from Black Friday to 12/31 just in the USA. 


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viewsonic9 said:
darconi said:
DMeisterJ said:
@ Sky Render

I mean black friday sales when DS sold close to 700k and Wii sold 350. I assumed that you knew I was talking about black friday, since the title mentions that.

That was never changed because Sony was the one company that didn't release exact consumer figures. Nintendo came out straight and said they sold X number to the consumer so VGC changed the figures FOR THAT WEEK. MS came out and said it sold Y numbers to the consumer and so it was just changed FOR THAT WEEK. Sony came out and said that you should wait for NPD numbers some time later and denied MS outsold them 2:1 as MS stated in their report.

By the fact that Sony didn't release numbers while the other two did should be obvious reason enough to you why they weren't changed.


Didnt those Microsoft numbers turn out to be inflated though?

 No, just carefully manipulated. Which is precisely what Sony is doing here.

Does anyone remember last NPD? Sony claimed they'd sold something like 200k "Playstations" in just the last week alone, and then it turned out that simply wasn't close to possible. Sony has a history of manipulating these statistics as best they can. If we don't trust VGChartz, let's wait until NPD, okay?">">

Soriku said:
I hate these threads. They exceed multiple pages over topics we've discussed a MILLION times.

 I would hate them more if they stayed on topic.


Why is it that a new account keep making these threads? I think an IP check is in order.

If anything, this news should actually pose the question wheather the PS3 sales are being overtracked (still) by vgchartz, rather than undertracked like all the fanboys claim. The 3.9 mill shipped LTD number is actually lower than would be expected for a console that supposedly has sold 3.5 million units to gamers in NA (according to vgchartz).

You see, Sony has a history of stuffing retail pretty well with tons of PS3s, so having only 3.9-3.49 mill = 400,000 units sitting on retail shelves is a minimum as I see it. You can compare this with the ratio of shipped/sold we have for X360, 17.7 mill shipped, 16.0 mill sold, which suggests that nearly 1 million consoles are sitting on retail shelves as we speak (in NA).

So, with all the anecdotal reports about X360 Premiums being sold out, does anyone really believe there are nearly a million X360s stuffed in retail out there, but less than 400,000 PS3s?

So, no way the PS3 has been undertracked by ioi/vgchartz, nor LTD or during holidays. In my opinion these official Sony numbers, if anything, proves that fact.