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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony announce US sales now exceed 3.9m

I didn't read the thread, but am quite impressed with the PS2. I'm not sure if anyone else gives it props for outselling it's newer, "better" younger brother, but it shows that when Sony gets an opportunity, they definitely run with it. Nintendo, kinda shuts some stuff down questionably (Hey, there's still some demand for Wavebirds! Lets stop making them).

Besides, you gotta forgive the newbies. You don't walk into a classroom knowing all the lessons and you don't enter a sales forum knowing what everyone else does. You too were once foolish, and in some cases, still are foolish and young and naive.

See Ya George.

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Bodhesatva said:
By the by, does anyone have a link directly to Sony's latest financial reports? I can't seem to find it.

While you may know this already, one of the best ways to find a company's reports is to go to their investor relationship site.




Torturing the numbers.  Hear them scream.

There is a very simple way to explain why this is inconsequential.

This is an independent tracking site. No inherent bias. Maybe biased, but if you think so, no one is forcing you to come here.

NPD is an independent tracking company. No inherent bias. Maybe biased, but if you think so, no one is forcing you to believe them.

Sony is the manufacturer. Sold to consumers is something that they have to estimate, just like NPD or VGChartz. They are inherently biased, and numbers like this have to be take with a grain of salt. {that means with caution ;)}

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

zackblue said:
FishyJoe said:
Seriously, why can't you people just wait for NPD numbers before whining about changing numbers? It's like some people just want to complain the second they get any type of information whatsoever.

Were not you the one who said when sony says CONSUMERS in the sentence "sold to" numbers would be changed?

 SONY never said that!  They said 1.2million sold through.  They did not say consumers.  That was the NEWSPAPER putting in a subtitle about 1.2 million consumers joining the family.  Read the articles and show me where they quote SONY saying 1.2 million consumers

 u won't find it, because it didn't happen...Sony reports what they sell to retailers...

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Wii will sell 18-20mil by 12/31/07  CHECKWii will sell 45mil+ WW by 12/31/08Wii will surpass PS2 sales WW by 11/17/11 (5yr anniversary)Wii Fit will hit 12mil sales in 2009MKWii+SSBB+Wii Fit+SMG > 50 mil sales by 2010 > gta4+mgs+gt5+ff13+haze+lbp

Excellent figures for the US.

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PS3 vs 360 sales

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RolStoppable said:
jhlennon1 said:
RolStoppable said:

3rd parties can't afford to ignore the Wii forever or only put cheap games on it.

That's where heavily supporting the 360/PS3 got them. Combined they aren't even in the black. How are they going to sustain this? It's simple, they can't.

I can't help but notice majority of those are March 07 which would be minimal PS3 results. You might want to wait until March 08 and see Assassins Creed, COD4, Madden 08 etc.. sales before quoting finance reports.

The majority of those reports are for the timeframe April 07 to September 07, the few at the bottom are July 07 to September 07. Despite selling millions of copies of Madden 08, EA is still posting a big loss.

For comparison's sake, in the timeframe April 07 to September 07, Nintendo posted a profit of more than $1 billion, while the rest of the videogames industry combined ismore than $1 billion in the red. Should be a wake up call for 3rd parties to realize which ones are the platforms where the most money can be made if quality games are released.

Yeah guys, sorry I made a typo error ( now I edit it ).

It is : "First Half Current Fiscal Year ( ending 31 march 2008 ) :"

Like Rol said the time frame of "first half year" is between April 2007 and September 2007. 

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jphuff said:
NJ5 said:

I love it how some fanboys can make a storm in a tea cup. Guys, it's a difference of what? 300k consoles, or something like that? A difference which, being true, would be confirmed by NPD and/or Sony's financial report pretty soon?

Give it a rest, if there's reason for the numbers to be significantly changed (which I doubt), that will happen in a few weeks at most.

Over and out.


Wow.  These threads are somewhat like that old exercise where you whisper a story into someone's ear and have them keep passing it on around a circle of 10 or more people until it comes back to you in a totally different form.  Good grief!  NPD's are just a couple of weeks away.  WHO CARE's who's specific definition of 'retail sales' is, etc.  We'll see in a while.  I get what some people are saying about numbers not being changed, but I for one haven't seen any 'funny business' on this site.  Errors are owned up to and corrected as they should be.  Guys, this just isn't a big enough deal to get so riled up over.

Hell, I want to see the PS3 do well too, but fact is it HAS.  Let's all take a step back and evaluate the importance of this whole deal in the larger scheme of things, shall we?  Even if dead on (and it wouldn't surprise me to find that Sony, MS and Nintendo contact retailers through the holiday period to tab how much has been sold...I've seen that done before) why should the numbers be adjusted NOW, as in the night of announcement, without some work and verification?  If the verification can't be done yet, then why at all?  Maybe it will take the NPD's to shed enough light on this to see if adjustment is needed or not.  Maybe it can be done before.  Whatever the case, let's see or let the owners of this site give their view before jumping all over it and getting out the flamethrowers between the various fanboy camps that obviously have some need to nitpick each others every word, grammar and usage of tense just because they seem to believe that their chosen console is the second coming and should be the only one to exist.  This is nuts!  Are the majority of the people posting on this site still in grammar school or what?  Maybe (and most likely) I'm insulting grammar school students as the majority of them might be more evenly keeled. :) 

I'm annoyed no-one seemed to take much notice of this excellent post. If I had a cookie, I would let you have it.

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