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Very simple question here, which motion game thats been announced  are you most looking forward too?? mine are:

MOVE: Sorcery 

WII: No doubt Zelda

Kinect: Not sure yet waite til E3.... 

How bout you guys

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Socom 4.

killzone is soooo good with the move im sure socom will be too

Move: Ninokuni (if this isn't a move game, which would be stupid for it not to be, than consider my interest currently zero)
Wiimote: Zelda
Kinect: Codename D, whatever it may be, I bet it will be awesome. 


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

osamanobama said:

Socom 4.

killzone is soooo good with the move im sure socom will be too

Yea i loved Killzone 3 with move.... Def using it with the sharpshooter.... 

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Rise of Nightmares


or Forza 4


Bet with Conegamer and Doobie_wop

Move : Playstation Heroes

Kinect : Steel Batallion

Wii : Skyward Sword.

Sadly I am currently unaware of one Wii game I want this year. I heard theres another Kirby coming out, but I have not seen any videos. Maybe Xenoblade/The Last Story? I dunno this year atm seems very awful for Wii software. Though I have a Wii DS and PSP, and around 100games between them so I wont be bored. Anyways, your topic has kind of depressed me on the Wii side =/

Wii: Pikmin 3

Kinect: Project Dragon (Rumored Panzer Dragoon), and Forza 4, but not for its Kinect capabilities

Move: Playstation Heros, but not really.

Don't have a Move, but my friend has a Kinect, and I have a Wii.

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Move - Sorcery
Kinect - Child of Eden
Wii - Kirby Wii >:P