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Forums - Sales Discussion - U.S. music games sales .... it's in free fall dudes.

Can we blame Wii Music ????


"Several months ago we looked at the decline of the music game segment, and this month we revisit that area one last time. As the figure below shows, sales of music games have dropped by more than a factor of five since 2008. While the figures above are only for the January – October period, we can at least give full-year figures for 2008 and 2009. The total haul for music games in 2008 was over $1.6 billion. That dropped to over $870 million in 2009. Short of a Christmas miracle, music games won't break $400 million for all of 2010." - Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews

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should wait after the year ends atleast.

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I'm shocked. Activision demonstrated such good stewardship of the genre.

I think maybe everyone is just waiting for Rock Revolution 2.

Good...looks like all the wanna be rockstars got bored and are leaving music playing to regular musicians.

Severance said:

should wait after the year ends atleast.

Why?  The charts compare the same time period, if anything it would just look worse.  Like it says, Nov/Dec alone was over $600 million in 2008.

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I blame the casuals.

Above: still the best game of the year.

Thats what happens when you have different companies milking the same style of game to death. My brother enjoys them, but even he has stopped bothering with them.

I knew this over a year ago. When the stream of Band Hero, Beatles Rock Band, and Guitar Hero # came out and all of them failed to move the charts. The Music Genre tried moving to DJHero and other gimicks (LEGO Rock band) to regain some ground, but that was a flop too and I doubt they'll ever be able to come back like it did before. The expensive plastic incompatible periphreals didn't help either.

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There is definitely alot of risk in casual gaming.  Trends go in and out very easily.  It's like clothing styles - you really have to hit it right at the right time and place.

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they've saturated the market

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