Forums - Sales Discussion - U.S. music games sales .... it's in free fall dudes.

No surprise here.


We saw this happen with Tony Hawk, and now it's happening with music games. The real question now is... what's next? Music games will still have a following, but for the most part a lot of people have had their fill, and are ready to move on to something else.


Personally, I expect the dancing game genre to take off even more than it already has, it just has to sway those who think about dancing and go "I can't dance for shit".

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ph4nt said:

That is the power of Activision.

They sucked all the money they could out of the music genre and eventually it will be left to die.

I am hoping Call of Duty sees a similar fate.

Many people is; unfortunately there are just too many who think games = FPS and CoD "GOTY"...

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