Forums - Website Topics - gamrReview version 2 is here!

Please check it out, poke around and let me know if you find any bugs or issues.

Significant changes:

  • Improved filtering on main homepage including "hot games" page
  • Console specific homepages (i.e, click PS3, Xbox360 etc on the gamrReview menu)
  • Improved game search with dropdown suggestions
  • New team page so you can see who works hard to bring you gamrReview
  • Integration of sales data (and CHARTS) back into the main game pages
  • Return of wall posts
  • Vastly improved screenshot viewer
  • Improved game menu system
  • Boxart viewer is back
  • Improved screenshot uploader
  • Game overview pages
  • Related games
  • Critic reviews return

Hope you all enjoy it - there will be more changes and improvements on the way shortly along with the VGChartz upgrades in the next week or so.

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I like the related games section, good job on the overall change.

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Great to see that we can also see the sales as well as all other info! Very good update.

Just one thing though, I personally think that the game details section should be where the Related Games section is right now and both should switch places. I'm jusdt used to seeing the Game Details on the right hand side where Related Games is right now.


Above: still the best game of the year.

Those graphs are SO sexy

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SaviorX said:

Those graphs are SO sexy

Wait till the hardware comparison ones return

Think I found a glitch.  When viewing the ds psp and mobile home pages, it show the general home page.  In other words, when I click to go to the ds home page, I see the reviews for kirby's epic yarn etc.  I'm using firefox just so you know.

I just love you.

ioi said:
SaviorX said:

Those graphs are SO sexy

Wait till the hardware comparison ones return

And software comparisons too I hope

It was so fun comparing games


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Now that I have the graphs back...I don't know on what use them :(

Above: still the best game of the year.