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I think he does this on purpose so we can keep talking about him

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What about Zelda Wii, and the Vitality sensor, and Metroid?

Maybe even a Kirby Wii...

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He's an idiot that enjoys the attention, that's pretty much it.

Since Nintendo won't listen to him, he's trying to marginalize them as much as possible. 3DS doesn't fit into his scheme, so its okay for him to be partially optimistic about it (though still claim that Apple will overtake it too)

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gameheart said:
he is just a loser that just want to be on the headline all the time

Yeah but don't forget there are a lot of this kind of looser everywhere in the medias, from your local newspaper to the video games analyst in gaming sites. Those biased hardcore gamers spit on Nintendo every week and try to spend their anti-Wii propaganda to the mass. Hopefully people arent enough stupid to fall for that.  

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This morning the sun rose and Pachter is still an idiot.

Sempuukyaku said:

Michael Pachter represents everything that is wrong with the industry. This quote sums it up quite nicely:

"Again, the gaming press hasn't figured it out. The gaming press doesn't really understand the 1-year old customer, nor do you guys care. Who plays DS games? Them, not us."

This is why the industry fails.

That quote is the best : saying that other people don't understand the casual market after assuming that mom can't wait to play in hd while saying "cool" things like "Xbox on" is really laughable :lol:.

Casuals don't care about the cool factor, they only care about the fun factor that's what the wii showed us but it seems that people like Pachter even more than the gaming press still don't get it :/.

"... do they think they're going to get $300 for a 3DS?"

"I can't imagine why anybody would buy a DSi XL this holiday."

So his crystal ball has seen the price of the 3DS, has determined it is too high to sell, and then said that its sales will make the DSi XL stop selling.

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many points are incorrect, but i do agree 3ds will be biggest showing at e3 for nintendo , but pachter has missed zelda showing imo thats a dead cert.

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I told everyone that the USA would be hosting the 2012 Olympics, I really believe it, it just happens to say UK on the map where London is.

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