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    Reuters: Expert Finds "Security Flaws in Sony's Networks"

    in Sony Discussion on 14 May 2011

    There is a big difference between not running up to date software and having data available for public browsing that shouldn't be. Both can be true at the same time and the latter is the reason this is taking so long. Updating  a server is far easier than doing a full audit on a system that size....

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    3DS sales slump below DS - why, and what Ninty can do to fix it

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 April 2011

    I know from a new generation standpoint this may seem wrong, but really, what is the problem? People were upset that the DS was being replaced while it was still selling strongly and now it is still selling well. As long as people still are buying the DS at $130 Nintendo should keep the price at $130. This is similar to the PS2 PS3 situation at the beginning of this generation with one important...

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    Rumor: Apple to make huge acquisition, possibly Sony

    in Sales Discussion on 25 October 2010

    Why am I the only one who zeroed in on the Adobe mention in that list? To me that strengthens their position more than any of the others. It would give them a pretty tight grip on online content....

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    Scientists may of gotten Mayan calendar wrong...

    in General Discussion on 21 October 2010

    That's it! I'm canceling my preorder....

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    (Rumor) PSPGo Drops price in NA

    in Sales Discussion on 13 October 2010

    I thought this was already official and that I missed the hubbub  when I was away from the site for awhile. My Walmart has had them at $199 for a couple of weeks without a sale tag....

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    Climate Change Deniers/Skeptics or Believer?

    in General Discussion on 28 September 2010

    Chrizum said: It's incredibly stupid to deny climate change. It is real, as the Earth has had climate changes for millions of years.This also means we probably can't do much about it, but that doesn't mean we can just keep fucking up the planet. If anything, we should be glad people finally are realizing we should save our planet (albeit only a little and for all the wrong reasons). I came...

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    Any initial reports on PS3 MOVE sales?? anecdotal surveys/reports/incidence

    in Sales Discussion on 17 September 2010

    darthdevidem01 said: A Bad Clown said: A picture of a midnight launch, I'm hearing things from some workers of certain stores that not many people were coming in to pre-order. please thats one store Did you seriously not expect this from a thread titled: "Any initial reports on PS3 MOVE sales?? anecdotal surveys/reports/incidence"? Remember the pluaral of anecdote is...

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    Star Trek Fans- have you seen this fan video?

    in General Discussion on 15 September 2010

    You've got to love the source material the Original Series has! The related video with the same song set to the new Star Trek was pathetic by comparison....

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    EA announces CREATE a sandbox create, share and play game

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 August 2010

    To me it looks more like  fantastic contraption. Those videos look like you set it up and push go. I don't see any evidence that you control anything. But I do agree with one thing: it does look like a crappy version of fantastic contraption....

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    Report: Kinect requires you dress appropriately!?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 July 2010

    As has been stated, this won't be an obsticle in prolonged periods of play, because if you are going to excersize, you want to be dressed appropriately, the issue will be in introduction. A friend comes over and you say "hey try out this game I just... oh nevermind..." This type of marketing is huge for motion gaming. Skirts and suit jackets will not serious hamper it, but if there more...

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    MS: Hardcore will buy Kinect first!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 June 2010

    I can definitely see Core gamers buying this... for someone else. "See honey, gaming is fun!" I don't see it as a runaway success, but I do see the a lot of sales as hooks to try to get other household members into gaming....

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    The "How did Nintendo pull off 3D without glasses?" Thread.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2010

    Dgc1808 said: VXIII said: Joelcool7 said: Xxain said: I assumed it has has 2 screens, the real screen and a very thin layer of 3D glasses type material on top That actually sounds really logical. Why haven't the TV manufacturers simply placed a second screen (Glasses) over the origional screen to give all viewers the 3D effect without the glasses. May make the TV alittle more...

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    Kinect only supports two players, Move supports two-ish

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2010

    Smidlee said: amp316 said: This shows that MS and Sony don't completely understand exactly why the Wii is so popular.  Yes, motion control is a huge reason, but being able to have a group of four people being simultaneously involved is what makes it such a party machine.  Waiting your turn just isn't as fun Just how many wii owners went out and bought 3 more...

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    The "How did Nintendo pull off 3D without glasses?" Thread.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 June 2010

    In order to get 3D you have to get a different image to each eye. Just putting a lens in front of a screen would not be sufficient unless that lens somehow was tied to a viewers individual eyes. I don't know the technical details, but the way I understand it that it is similar to privacy screens for computers where only the person directly in front of the screen can see and people peering at an...

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    sales of 3D-TV's in the US

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2010

    irstupid said: Squilliam said: .jayderyu said: I think?  I think it's about right for early adopter tech. Let's consider how long it's taken to adopt HD TV. I bet anything that it's adoption rate will be slower. I also bet glasses based 3D TV will be dead at the point when it would make serious market penetration in favour of new glassless tech. Then REAL adoption of 3D will...

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    sales of 3D-TV's in the US

    in Sony Discussion on 25 June 2010

    irstupid said: but yea until glasses are like < $20 there is no way thsi catches on as just said a house full of kids and your going to have to worry about giving them $100 plus glasses.  ha have fun handing them over, and then worry about loosing them, sitting on them, scratching them and so on.  Even with close friends, you can tell that if they have expensive glasses that they...

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    Kinect only supports two players, Move supports two-ish

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2010

    1. It is marketed as a three player game and the average consumer won't know the limitation?! The average consumer won't be sold by the internet at all, they will be sold because they played it at someone's house. The limitations will be apparent. 2. As a Wii owner this is nowhere near as bad a problem as the arbitrary limitation of one Balance Board. It has still been pretty...

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    What's your opinion on the vuvuzelas?

    in General Discussion on 20 June 2010

    Garmy said: Well I’m South African and, despite what many South Africans will say, vuvuzelas are horrible, naughty things.  If you have ever had one blow in your direction you will know that the level of discomfort is unparalleled; they cause headaches and make your innards reverberate - ever heard of the “brown-note”? In addition, as someone mentioned above, they are...

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    Zelda was pushed back to refine visual style, says Shigeru Miyamoto!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2010

    The Ghost of RubangB said: Guys, the game controls sooooo damn good.  I don't care what it looks like.  The fact that it's very beautiful and has its own unique visual flavor is an added bonus.  I can't wait to see the more evil areas in the game, and how they use this style. I'm pretty interested in this too. What we have seen is probably early in the game, and while the...

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    Xbox 360 slim is 17% smaller and is incapable of RROD-ing!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 June 2010

    Mistershine said: BHR-3 said: ps3 is 290 × 65 × 290 and 3kg uses about max 90watts keep in mind it has power supply inside of it too, not impressed with 360s power consumption, size, and weight I don't think you've been impressed with anything the 360 has done. Ever.   Also the Kinect port is a power supply, so you don't have to plug the camera into the wall. Thanks...

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