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    Occupation: Scribbler, trainer, speaker of unpleasant truths and slayer of sacred cows.

    Education: Lots

    Height: 0'0

    Build: Other

    Favourite Games:

    Far too many to list, but my tastes run contrary to that which is primarily offered up for supplication by the (increasingly ill-named) hardcore gamer.

    It's also safe to say that, as far as I'm concerned, video games peaked with 16-bit and it's been on a slow slide since, though there's been a slight uptick in quality since the inception of the DS and Wii.

    Here are my favorite 'consoles', however:

    1. Sega Genesis (and its assorted, failed, attachments).
    2. C64
    3. Everything else.

    Also, in the interests of full disclosure, I am firmly in the Wii/DS camp this generation and that is where my sympathies primarily lie (that means, for the uninitiated, that I spend most of my gaming time on one or the other of those two machines). That said, this does not mean I don't play PS3, PSP, 360, etc. games, too--it simply means that I play them less and, on the whole, there are far fewer games on each of those platforms that I enjoy as much as the ones on DS/Wii.

    Favourite Music:

    Classical, 80s, Oldies (50s), Elvis!, Dance, Trance

    Favourite Films:

    Too many to list and, as with video games, the list would probably change with my mood.

    Favourite Books:

    The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe (CS Lewis in general, both fiction and non), Necroscope (and most of Brian Lumley's other works, albeit pre-2005 when he apparently lost his mind), Cthulhu Mythos (HP Lovecraft and his disciples), The Keep (F. Paul Wilson et al), not Stephen King or Dean Koontz, a huge array of books on politics and science (currently in the midst of a 6 month quantum mechanics marathon involving, somewhat surprisingly, a healthy dose of philosophy) and a smattering of history (I find that with the way the world is going today, it's always nice to look back and say "gee, we've been here before several times" even if everyone else, wrongly, thinks it's all brand new).

    Favourite Food:

    Pizza (NY-style only), sushi, steak


    Weightlifting/gymnastics/running, reading, video games, writing, politics (mainly of the rightwing zealot variety, i.e. conservative with small 'l' libertarian leanings).

    About Me:

    I have spent over a decade in the vid game biz performing a number of different roles from 'journalist' (in the very loosest sense) to consultant on a number of games as well as an author (of sorts).

    Oddly enough, the joy I derive from games has increased tremendously since I moved away from 'journalist' (for at least the time being) and I find I have a lot more fun with them now then I have for most of the previous decade (because even if you do what you love as a job, at the end of the day it's still a job).

    If I come across as a 'know-it-all' in my posts it's not because I am, it's because I know more than you.

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