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Amazing Jopic.

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panasonic23 said:
No i'm not trying to create a flame war just letting people know MS,Nintend,Sony didn't create Motion Control

Sega DreamCast was the first console with motion control February 16 2000 the Sega DreamEye was Unveiled.

Nintendo had nothing to do with power glove and that the big 3 are all copy cats.

I forget to add MS name in topic title

We already know that. Nintendo was just the one to incorporate motion controls into a full blown console, and since the Wii was big success, Sony and MS are making their own controls.

radishhead said:

They were the first ones to make it work properly, and to a successful audience.

Eyetoy says hey.

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ps3-sales! said:
radishhead said:

They were the first ones to make it work properly, and to a successful audience.

Eyetoy says hey.


Linkasf said:
Amazing Jopic.

Amazing jopic indeed.

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Nintendo are the only ones who made it work. Edisson didn't invent the lightbulb, but he created one that people could actually use and in the same vein Henry Ford didn't invent the motorcar but he made the first car a person with more typical means could afford.


Carl2291 said:
leo-j said:
It doesn't matter

people will continue to say SONY ripped off Nintendo even if you show them a video of sony showing motion controller tech back in 2004

Pretty much!

panasonic23 said:
Nintendo made motion control main stream and that a good thing

Sony made home console gaming "main stream", twice. Does that mean Sony invented the thing?

^Pretty much said all I wanted to say

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The were the first ones to make it the standard controller for their system and have that system become a success.

Sony may very well have been working on motion control in 2004 but then either Nintendo has a much more efficient R+D process or it's reasonable to expect that they were working on their solution even before that.

Furthermore there is nothing in that demo to suggest that Sony had any intention of making that controller the default for Sony systems or anything more than a novelty to be used in some games. Any comments from Sony PR would suggest they had no faith in motion control becoming an industry-wide standard or perhaps they were just trying to convince people not to go with Nintendo's version and give them time to complete and market their own solution.

Even if they were developed entirely independently and Sony had always intended on pushing motion controls, the similarity in form factor with the Wii-mote and the very late arrival to the market is just going to make it look like they copied the Wii-mote in the eyes of most consumers.

edit: the NES wasn't main stream?

You forgot the U-Force.


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