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Forums - Sales Discussion - May Circana (NPD) 2024 Thread + Predictions

May 2024 Circana (NPD) covers the four week period from May 5 to June 1 and will be released on June 28.

Since Circana (NPD) leaks don't happen nearly as often as it used to and hardware revenue is something we do get, be sure to include revenue in your predictions.

Feel free to also predict what you think the top software games will be for the month.

Example prediction:

[Total Hardware Revenue]

  1. [#1 selling console] XXX,000
  2. [#2 selling console] XXX,000
  3. [#3 selling console] XXX,000

VGChartz US estimates for May 2023:

  1. NS - 451K
  2. PS5 - 275K
  3. XSX|S - 150K

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Let's say PS5 ~ 260k, NS ~ 120k, XSX ~ 120k (but under the Switch), with the latter two being swapped around for revenue.