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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your gaming goals for 2024?

This year I didn't reach my yearly goal of beating an average of 1 game per month. I'm hoping in 2024 that I do a better job. I'm also hoping to get my Most Wanted threads looking a bit better next year as well and to be a bit more on it with getting the polls out in a decent amount of time. 

What are you all hoping to accomplish? Upgrading your PC? Jumping into this generation? Finally beating the NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game? 

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I've got myself an emulation handheld and playing through some older titles. Particularly PS2/PSP at the moment so I'm hoping to get through a lot of old games I played when I was young and also discover some classics I missed.

Honestly I'm probably going to play less, both my 3 years of gamepass i signed up for years ago and my Playstation Plus premium expire in April and June, and once that happens I'm probably going to cancel both and jump in an out a month here a month there when good games come out for them. Similar to Zippy6, I may play some older favorite games like Chrono Trigger, and get to some SNES game I've never played like Terranigma.

My biggest goal is getting more into JRPGs. Ever since the original Xbox, Western RPGs have always been my favorite genre aside from RTS games.

Since I now have a PS5, I’m currently playing FF16 going into 2024. Afterwards, I’m looking forward to games like FF7: Rebirth, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and Visions of Mana.

If I have time, I’ll try to squeeze in Unicorn Overlord and Metaphor: ReFantazio in 2024.

So far in 2023 I have beaten 23 games.

I'm going to finish my 24th game either today or tomorrow - so thats 2 games a month average.

Anyways - I already have a Switch since 2020 and got a PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2023.

Its time to upgrade my 2019 gaming desktop PC.

Other than that, dont have any goals gaming wise for 2024 because we'll be introducing a new member to the family next year and my focus will be on that first and foremost.

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Since I expect a slow year for new releases (other than Persona 3 Reload) I'll mostly be working on my backlog. I've managed to scratch several smaller games of that list lately so I hope to continue that and also get to some of the bigger ones, Monster Hunter World and Fallout: New Vegas for example.

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This goal started this year and will likely go into 2025. Play through all the classic RPGs of my childhood and even ones I never played before (didn't have SEGA consoles until Dreamcast).

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Play less videogames and use my time to other hobbies like reading. Moving to another city I expect to spend more time outside home

Finishing my playthrough of Zelda TOTK will be amongst my priorities alongside the few new releases I'll play.

Also, it'd be nice if I managed to halve my backlog by half. Feel like I've got a chance of doing it this time, especially now that I'm almost done with another game. I'm on fire with this !

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Beat FFVII Rebirth before the spoilers, I guess.