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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game is better, Super Mario World or Sonic 1 (Genesis)


Super Mario World or Sonic 1 (Genesis)?

Super Mario World 50 87.72%
Sonic 1 7 12.28%

The two defining games of the 16-bit generation, which do you think is better?

I recently played both and while I prefer the music, graphics, and difficulty of Sonic 1. I still feel like Mario World is the better game, more exploration and interactivity with the levels, better controls and just bigger than Sonic 1.

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Mario and it's not even remotely close.
Sonic is not in the same league and never has been. His best games are decent enough, but even then when you're going fast it's more a matter of watching rather than playing, and when you slow down the actual platforming is mediocre. He got by on strong presentation and good character design, but never has he actually rivaled Mario in terms of actual game quality.

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Honestly I've never really liked the gameplay of Sonic 1-3 and by extension Sonic Mania. The 2D sections in Sonic Generations is probably the 2d sonic I enjoyed the most.

Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World were the best 2D platformers for decades even with their technical limitations. It wasn't until Rayman Origins/Legends and Super Mario Wonder that they were surpassed for me and probably wouldn't top the list anymore unless I took the time they were created and nostalgia into account.

We’re comparing what is arguably among the greatest games of all time…with a very good Sonic game. Mario World is in an entirely different league; there’s almost no question to even be had.

Mario World vs sonic 3 and knuckles would be more appropriate. They are pretty close I'm terms of quality, but mario world is still better just way more secrets and better platforming.

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I don't even really like Mario World compared to some other 2D Mario games, like Mario 3, but yeah, no contest. Mario wins easily.

I like Genesis Sonic games (1-2 esp) and Sonic 2 is a fantastic game. Sonic 1 is weaker than Sonic 2. That said there is no such thing as a Sonic game on the level of Super Mario World. World is a true perfect game then and now. Sonic 1 has aged. Origins collection helps are they add spindash.

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This is no fair comparison lol

Comparing it to the first Mario game sure.

But Sonic 1 is nowhere good as Super Mario World.

It's pretty much all been said in the posts before me. Sonic is pretty and has nice music but is a very average game in terms of gameplay and design. And the character control kinda sucks, honestly. Super Mario World is in the upper-echelon of gaming greatness. You could add all of the best elements of every Sonic game and put them into one experience and it would still be no contest.

Sonic 2 is my favorite 16-bit game.
Sonic 1 is good but not really the best choice to use here, as 2 and 3 are the fan favorites.