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I feel like 2023 is spoiling gamers. The year isn't over and we have absolute great games like Baldur's Gate 3, Tears of the Kingdom, Street Fighter 6, Diablo IV (despite some unhappiness with the season) and so on. And we still expect big releases like Starfield and Spiderman 2. I felt like 2022 was sweet with Elden Ring, but this year is packed. And that is completely independent of the platform you game on. Every platform offers you something outstanding.

I kinda feels bad for Hogwarts Legacy, because in a year with a sea of great games, the good game sinks. But Hogwarts had the advantage of being released early in the year and could get it's moment to shine.

So I feel like 2023 shapes to be possibly the best year for gaming in a decade. Sure, some platforms may have had years greater than that, but looking at the whole gaming landscape this turns to become a great year. What do you think? What is your best game of the year.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Last year was insane for me in terms of JRPGs. This year has been a bit more low key.

It's been pretty dry for me overall. 2022 was a much better year personally. Tho I am happy about AC next week.

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If I’m being fair, every year of the Switch I have been spoiled. You could search each year for the best high profile games and come to a consensus about which year was best, but between all the flagship titles there have been amazing indie titles and AA first party titles that have made this by far the best gaming gen I have ever experienced.

There are series of games that I’m just waiting for a month or two gap in the release schedule to dive into (Xenoblade, for instance) that I might never get to play if things continue like this. As much as I’m hoping for Switch 2 to kick off with a bang, I’m also kind of hoping for a small lull to work on the backlog.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 5, Diablo 4, Baulder's Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy all could have been game of the year last year. Hi Fi Rush will more than likely be in the mix, Starfield and Spiderman 2 will be in the mix for game of the year. Dead Space, Final Fantasy XVI, Pikmin 4, and Octopath Traveler 2, upcoming games likes Mario Wonder and Mario RPG are games that I think just miss being nominated for game of the year, but could have easily been on the list last year. Big games coming to Xbox and Nintendo for the first time in the Persona series and Final Fantasy pixels to Playstation and Nintendo, and Metroid Prime Remastered to the Switch. Not to mention Playstation VR2 coming out with some great games. I'm sure I'm missing some games, but it's been one for the record books.

Last year was better for me personally, but sure, 2023 is been pretty good.

And this year (well, really the 6 years) has been good for those like me who prefer creatively fresh games, retro, and RPGs. This year (hopefully) is Suikoden 1 and 2 Remaster year. There’s also Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters that came out earlier in the year. Tears of the Kingdom is probably the best game since Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild was a benchmark title both critically and commercially, the first in the Zelda franchise since the original game. Tears of the Kingdom is in range of Breath of the Wild critically, and hot on its heels commercially. Breath of the Wild’s commercial success can’t be understated because of all the games that have surpassed the 30 million mark for a single platform, it’s the only one in the critical top tier. The rest of them are well regarded, getting lots of 8 and 9 scores, but not getting mainly 10/10 review scores like Breath of the Wild. Grand Theft Auto 5 has high sales, though these are not on just one console, they’re spread across 6 different console platforms and multiple generations of other platforms (such as Windows) - only about 20 million sold on PS4 (according to

But, to the topic, still holding out for the Suikoden games that were announced a long time ago, and are now annoyingly late.

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I haven't played any game from this year yet, but damn BG3 looks good. Now I have to decide if I want a new PC or will get a PS5.

The fact that I've only played one game released this year and didn't even like it makes me kinda sad