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Forums - Movies & TV - Castlevania: Nocturne Trailer

Looking every bit as good as its predecessor so far. September 28th!


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Very much looking forward to it, hopefully it'll be as good as the first series.

Now if they could make a new Castlevania game, thatd be great.

An incredibly flawed series with many missed opportunities (first 2 seasons were too rushed with mediocre character exploration), nonetheless, an very enjoyable watch.

Seems to imply that Marie Antoinette was a vampire. Then again, that's how her own people saw her. XD Or was that not Marie Antoinette but Elizabeth Bathory?

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Yeah ! The only Netflix series, appart from Beastars and Dark that I enjoyed !

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This is from the same crew as the previous Castlevania cartoon, right?

New trailer is bangin.

Absolutely looking forward to this, really enjoyed the first series. Would have loved to see one more full season of the first series to fully flesh it out.